The Reusable Bags That Have Costco Shoppers Freaking Out

No one enjoys packing up leftovers after dinner. Is there room in the fridge? Do you pack the food in baggies or bins? Is the lid missing? If you use baggies, the single-use nature of them isn't environmentally friendly — leaving a guilty feeling in your stomach. If you use a bin and you've misplaced the top or it's now warped, you may have to use a layer of cling wrap over the top. Now you've taken that environmentally safer option and gone a step backward.

With back to school season approaching, you can expect some of your food storage containers to be occupying lunch boxes, backpacks, and lockers at any given time. Then the baggie or bin question rears its ugly head once again when you're packing up grapes and pretzel sticks (or getting fancy with one of these 50 lunch ideas). But thanks to Costco, there's no reason to feel guilty about choosing baggies anymore. Okay, not just thanks to Costco, thanks to reusable bags.

A six-piece steal

For a limited time, Costco shoppers can currently snag a six-piece set of ProKeeper reusable silicone bags for $21.99 (per Costco Buys). For comparison, a similar six-piece set from rival brand, Stasher, will cost about $51.99, on sale from $64.99 (via Stasher). While, admittedly, the Stasher option does come in fabulous, fruity colors and the ProKeepers bags are simply clear, that doesn't seem like enough to shell out the extra $30.

Availability might, though. It seems this Costco buy is only available in stores. While the Michigan shopper behind the Costco Buys Instagram found these bags in-store, they are not available on the bulk retailer's website (per Costco). But for these reusable dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe baggies, it seems worth it to make an in-person Costco run. You might even want to pick up these pantry staples you should be buying at Costco while you're there to really stretch your savings.