Padma Lakshmi Has A Hot Take On The Choco Taco News

The Klondike Choco Taco has run its course but Padma Lakshmi's hot take on the now-discontinued frozen treat might have melted the globe's supply anyway.

According to Billy Penn, the story of Klondike's ice cream novelty meant to mimic the appearance of a taco began in Philadelphia in the early 20th century, long before Lakshmi was born nearly a world away (Biography says Lakshmi was born in India in 1970). Despite her rising to fame in the same country that produced the Choco Taco through working as a producer of Hulu's "Taste the Nation" and Bravo's "Top Chef" (per her website), the Choco Taco never became a featured item on those series. Due to what The Takeout explains is Klondike's decision to stop producing the Choco Taco, Lakshmi may never become a brand ambassador for the treat, either.

While many mourn Klondike's recent decision to discontinue the nostalgic frozen treat, it seems Lakshmi isn't among that crowd. The reason why is pretty simple, but still might surprise some people.

Lakshmi is no Choco Taco aficionado

Padma Lakshmi took to Twitter to tell the world of her thoughts regarding Klondike Choco Taco's sudden demise. She simply stated "Never had a choco taco. And don't care." She added later in the thread that the "textures sound off."

Her revelation drew mixed responses from her followers. Some of them chimed in saying "this seems like the correct take" and "I didn't even know they existed." Former New York City borough president candidate Lindsey Boylan replied "I have and I assure you, yours is the correct vibe on this one."

Other commenters, however, expressed a different sentiment. Statements like "those are awwwwsome," "It was wonderful, you missed out," and "Why choose violence on this lovely day?" were some found in the Twitter thread. Other celebrities would possibly have shared these sentiments if they had participated in the discussion, like Andrew Zimmern who tweeted that the decision to discontinue the Choco Taco is "insanity." And Alexis Ohanian publicly proposed "Dear @Unilever — I'd like to buy the rights to your Choco Taco and keep it from melting away from future generations' childhoods."

Lakshmi might speak these five languages but it seems sympathizing with distraught Choco Taco fans isn't one of them. Barring a comeback of the treat in the future, her fans will never know how her experience might have been different if she had tried one at some point.