Quaker's New Oatmeal Line Is Chocolatey Perfection

If you've ever found yourself scrolling absentmindedly through TikTok, you've probably come across a surprising amount of oatmeal-related meal ideas. From baked oats recipes to overnight oats tutorials, oatmeal seems to be having a real moment in the spotlight. And one of the most prominent brands supporting oatmeal lovers in their adamant quest to have oats with every meal is Quaker.

Per its website, Quaker has been faithfully serving Americans since 1850. Although the brand's longevity and product quality have certainly contributed to its successful sales, Quaker has also been able to keep its name in the U.S. consciousness by constantly releasing delicious new products. In particular, the company is known to produce delectable flavors (like its campfire snack inspired s'mores oats) for its line of instant oats. And now, the company well-known for its traditional oatmeal has released an all-new line of instant oats that combines the health benefits of hot cereal with the rich taste of chocolate.

A dessert-inspired breakfast by Quaker

Cereals like Cocoa Puffs and Cookie Crisp have long been selling chocolate for breakfast and it seems Quaker has been taking notes. According to Brand Eating, the company has released two new dessert-influenced instant oatmeal flavors that will be sure to satisfy chocolate lovers' sweet tooth. The two flavors include Cookies 'n Cream, which consists of " dry milk and cream" and "chocolaty cookie crumbles," and Chocolate, which is made with "semisweet chocolate chips."

Quaker also announced the new flavors on Instagram and oatmeal fans expressed their adoration for the recently released products in the comment section. One user wrote, "bows down to the amazing flavors" and another added, "Absolutely making a dessert with these scrumptious oats."

Brand Eating notes that the two flavors cost around $4.99 for six servings, and are currently available for purchase in stores. And, who knows, maybe with these two chocalicious instant oatmeals in your cabinet you may find yourself more eager to reap the benefits of eating oatmeal every day.