Trader Joe's Shoppers Have Lots Of Ideas For Its Spicy New Product

Even the most novice of home cooks can't help but feel like an "Iron Chef" when they're cooking with something from Trader Joe's. The grocery store chain full of popular products (no, seriously some Trader Joe's items have cult followings) has a knack for seasonal favorites, ingredients that pack a punch, and easy-to-make dishes that give your guests those "did she go to culinary school?" vibes. The Trader Joe's website and its monthly publication, The Fearless Flyer, post products, ideas, and recipes that are ready-made for confidence in the kitchen ... but when it comes to TJ's latest spicy product, fans of the hip grocers might not need any suggestions.

Accounts like Instagram's @traderjoeslist, though not affiliated with Trader Joe's, don't seem to mind devoting time, energy, and hard-won Joe's wisdom to preaching the good word of the Trader, alerting followers when seasonal favorites make their debut (too early for pumpkin?) or pitting one product against another in an all-out, smackdown, no-survivors Instagram poll (like cacio e pepe gnocchi versus cacio e pepe spaghetti, for example). But when the fan account rolled out Trader Joe's most recent spicy release, neither the informative website nor social media account dedicated to Trader Joe's finds were needed; followers knew exactly what they were going to do with the stuff.

TJ fans salivate over salsa-like seasoning

"Omg," wrote a fan when @traderjoeslist posted about Trader Joe's Crunchy Jalapeño Lime and Onion, before going on to say, "Getting in my car rn." Such is the power of TJ's newest spicy product — a Trader Joe's jalapeño seasoning that has the world drooling in the aisles. When @traderjoeslist asks followers what they might use this product for, the comments were as delicious as the seasoning. "Never tried but I would mix it with cream cheese for a dip," said one user, while another advised, "So good on salmon!" In fact, the comments section was filled with savvy shoppers and the myriad of ways they intended to use the jar of crunchy, salsa-like seasoning which — according to What's Good at Trader Joe's — retails for $4.49 and contains lots of dried herbs combined with lime oil.

Avocado toast topper, taco seasoning, and anything to do with sandwiches; the list of what TJ fans plan to do with the Trader Joe's Crunchy Jalapeño Lime and Onion is endless. In fact, while @traderjoeslist previous pumpkin post was met with cries of dismay from those who worry it might be too early to start autumn, the spicy seasoning seemed to only garner positive feedback from fans eager to get started with their own jar. "Runing [sic] over there now!" one user commented. Why? Because while it may be too soon for fall, it's always spicy season at Trader Joe's.