Ree Drummond's Fridge Organization Technique Has TikTok Divided

There are few things less enjoyable than organizing one's fridge. Scrubbing the toilet, de-gunking grout, and removing burnt-on blobs from the inside of your oven are viable contenders, but the thing that is most problematic about sprucing up the refrigerator is that time is of the essence. You want to do a top-notch job of putting everything in its proper place, but your Hellmann's keeps shouting that it's been left at room temperature for too long. (Typical mayo. Whiny stuff.) Thankfully, many people have rearranged their fridges before you, and their wealth of knowledge can make your job much easier — and faster. 

The Spruce recommends taking out the bins and shelves and immersing them in "hot, soapy water." Give the walls a good wipe and put it all back together. To prevent food waste, HGTV says to put your perishables where you're most likely to see them, "front and center." The New York Times shares the FIFO (First In, First Out) system, explaining that new stuff always goes behind the older foods, so that the older items get used up first. And The Kitchn offers that you should get a clear plastic bin to hold nothing but raw meat.   

Yes, it seems that everyone has refrigerator hacks you should try — even Ree Drummond. Her take on proper food storage has become quite the hot topic on TikTok, and some of the comments may surprise you. 

TikTok loves Ree Drummond's speckle trays

When Ree Drummond posted a video of her fridge's interior revamp on TikTok, she received a plethora of complimentary responses. While many were amazed at how extremely organized everything was, they also loved the products she used. Several oozed over her "speckle trays," saying they wanted some for themselves, while others were impressed that she was just like a "real" person as she had Walmart's store brand cheese. One said she found this video "therapeutic," while others said they could watch it over and over again.  

Other commenters, however, were shocked that she put tomatoes in the fridge. Science has proven that their flavor is negatively affected by cold temperatures and recommends keeping them on the counter, instead, per CBS. Some were offended by Drummond's wasteful use of plastic produce bags, saying that she should purchase plastic or glass vegetable containers. A few were shocked that she was keeping a large amount of raw meat in her fridge rather than freezing it, especially as the US Department of Agriculture says that poultry and ground meats can only stay refrigerated for one or two days, while most roasts, steaks, and chops will last three to five. 

Whether you loved her overall finished product or not, there is no denying that there is something satisfying about watching someone else do a dreaded chore. Especially when the end results look as pretty as Drummond's did. Yes, a fridge can be pretty.