Yes, A Beer-Drinking Pony Is The Mayor Of A UK Town

Throughout history, humans have relied on their furry and feathered companions to carry out occupations. Oxen pulled heavy loads, carrier pigeons delivered important messages, and retrievers fetched game. The horse, however, has proven itself an exceptionally valuable worker. 

While equine were viewed largely as a way for people to get from point A to point B (and, occasionally, charge towards each other bearing large lances), much has changed. The resumés of modern horses have grown much more eclectic as mares and stallions find themselves presented with new career opportunities. A pony with an altruistic nature may choose to become a guide horse to help those with visual impairments (via Guideposts). These empathetic equines may also wish to work as a therapy horse, aiding those with PTSD, autism, cerebral palsy, or anxiety (per CBC). And those graced with nimble feet and a passion for the arts may want to join Canada's RCMP Musical Ride, a performance that involves horses doing precision movements set to music. Think synchronized swimming with no water. And horses.

Now, thanks to one trail-blazing pony across the Atlantic, civically-minded horses everywhere can now consider a life in politics. Seriously. It really happened. And, apparently, this horse isn't just politically savvy; it also knows all about stouts and porters

Patrick is a mascot, a therapy horse, and a politician

Meet Patrick The Pony, a horse with several important jobs. He is the mascot for The War Horse Memorial, which honors horses utilized in combat, and the Devon Recovery Learning Community, a mental health center (via Whiskey Raiders). Patrick also works as a therapy pony, visiting schools, hospitals, and mental health facilities. And, as Devon Live reveals, he was recently sworn in as the "unofficial Mayor of Cockington," UK. They go on to say that the pony even has his own special spot at the local pub, so he can enjoy a pint of Guinness (his favorite beverage) in peace. 

How did a small horse become the mayor of a British community? According to the Mirror, when the town's mayor, Don Mills, passed away, hundreds of people added their "John Henrys" to a petition asking that Patrick become the new mayor. It worked. His swearing-in ceremony was well-attended with guests including two local town councilors and the local Member of Parliament, Devon Live reports, and a crowd of adoring fans. And as Food & Wine notes, this Shetland Pony extraordinaire is also becoming a social media force with accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and his very own website. He has even released a children's book about his adventures. 

Clearly, Patrick is an exceptional pony who has worked hard for his position. The question now is, will Patrick manage to hold on to his office for the rest of his term? Only time will tell if the answer is "yay" or "neigh."