Why Some Aldi Shoppers Can't Get Behind Its Dessert Hummus Options

Dessert hummus has been a hot topic of debate ever since the concept of a sweet chickpea dip soared in popularity after a successful "Shark Tank" pitch by Delighted By in 2017 (via Eater). While those with adventurous palates were all for a sugary spin on the protein-rich bean dip, others thought it nothing more than a nasty trend that needed to go away. Thrillist even called for the banishment of sweet hummus, arguing that no matter how much sugar you add to hummus, the flavor of savory chickpeas is too hard to mask.

But hey, a little bit of controversy has never stopped Aldi. Versions of dessert hummus have been making the rounds at the grocery store since as early as 2020. In fact, they've been quite the popular cult-like snack, so much so that the supermarket has given it several seasonal spins over the years. Aldi's holiday hummus flavors (like chocolate mint and sugar cookie) had rave reviews, a brownie batter rendition was ranked the best among its sweet cousins by EatingWell, and the carrot cake flavor seemed poised to be Aldi's best idea yet, sending the store well on its way to conquering the world of dessert hummus. Now, however, Aldi's newest offerings have shoppers questioning just how far the store is willing to go for sugary hummus.

Shoppers think Aldi may have gone too far with these hummus flavors

Shoppers recently spotted two new flavors of dessert hummus in the Aldi Finds section of their stores — but unlike the chain's previous offerings, the cobbler-inspired chickpea dips have left shoppers with mixed feelings. Aldi's mixed berry cobbler hummus, according to the packaging shown on Instagram, is "reminiscent of flavors from the berry patch," while the peach cobbler hummus comes with a fruity topping. 

Some Instagrammers seem delighted by the idea of the cobbler hummus slathered onto toast, and the mixed berry one seems to be particularly popular. "I bought both and the mixed berry is SO GOOD!!" wrote one fan, while another said that the peach cobbler hummus is wonderful with graham crackers and a touch of cinnamon. Others, however, think Aldi may be trying too hard with the new flavors. One unimpressed shoppers wrote, "y'all are pushing the limits of the poor chickpea," and other added, "love the vanilla bean and chocolate ones but I don't think these will be in my cart." 

While the combination of chickpeas and sugar is an absolute no-go for many hummus purists, social media chatter shows that these inventive cobbler flavors seem to be just a touch too much — even for those usually fond of dessert hummus.