The New Seasoning Blend That Tastes Just Like A Familiar Candy Bar

It seems Americans really will throw seasoning on just about anything. After all, according to Statista, around 300 million people across the U.S. sprinkled some form of seasoning or spice onto their food in 2020. And whether they're preparing meat to throw onto the grill or sticking a bit onto their popcorn, people across the country have their favorite brands to add a punch of flavor to snacks and meals. But classic spice-infused mixes like Tony's and Montreal Steak seasoning are now going to have to make room for a new blend that is nothing but sweet.

Although a sweet-tasting seasoning may not be that out of the ordinary, the blend we're talking about doesn't just have a sweet tinge, it was actually inspired by one of America's favorite desserts. And the creator of this new, sugary seasoning, B&G Foods, is no stranger to releasing blends for the sweet obsessed. Last year, the condiment brand gave candy lovers a seasoning influenced by Twix's chocolate and caramel flavors (per PR Newswire). And this year, B&G Foods has partnered with Snickers to release a seasoning blend that just may become one of your top spices to have at home.

This Snickers seasoning is a must for candy lovers

B&G Foods revealed in a press release that it is bringing its Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend to store shelves in August. The product, which flawlessly embodies the candy bar's "chocolatey, luscious caramel, and peanut flavor profile," is reportedly the first time that Snickers has ever been transformed into a seasoning. B&G Foods has not disclosed how much its Snickers seasoning will cost. However, we assume that it will be around the same price as the company's Twix seasoning, which is currently about $6 (per Sam's Club).

If you're unsure of how to use this sweet seasoning blend, B&G has some suggestions. The brand claims its Snickers Shakers Seasoning can be used in everything from a bowl of Greek yogurt to a waffle cone of vanilla ice cream.

B&G Food's Snickers Shaker Blend isn't the only collab Snickers has worked on this year. The Street reported that global K-pop sensation BTS also worked with one of the most popular candy bars in the U.S. to launch Snickers bars with BTS-themed packaging. With so many recent brand team-ups, it seems Snickers fans will have a lot to enjoy beyond the traditional candy bar.