You Can Get A Lemon-Shaped Keg For Simply Spiked Lemonade's 21st

Most of us left kegs behind when we graduated college, but some may fondly reminisce on those keg parties from time to time. Now, Simply Spiked Lemonade has some nostalgic merchandise to bring us back to those keggers — with a twist. 

Simply Lemonade just turned 21, and they're celebrating with a big merch drop. The merch includes a whole array of party essentials, including a decorative lemony banner. Included in the Simply Spiked drop is a portable Bluetooth speaker, to help bring the party wherever you are. There's a reversible bucket hat with lemons printed on one side and all black on the reverse — a good option for pool parties, and a lemon slushy cup with a signature straw you can bring to the beach. Sweatshirts and shorts round out this drop. In keeping with the 21st birthday party theme, all of the items are priced at $21.

The lemon-shaped keg itself, however, is the star of the show.

You have to be on time to get one of these lemony kegs

The Simply Spiked keg is designed after a realistic lemon and topped with a full working keg tap. It's sold empty, but you're meant to fill it with Simply Spiked Lemonade. It's worth noting that there are only a few kegs for sale — 21, to be exact. Seven went up for sale on Monday, seven will be up at 1 pm Tuesday, and seven more at 1 pm Wednesday, per an announcement obtained by Mashed. All purchases from this round of merch will go to the Lonely Entrepreneur's Black Entrepreneur Initiative. They've been working with this coalition to empower black community leaders, educators, and businesses.

As spiked seltzers, sodas, and lemonades continue to boom across the liquor market, Simply is getting its name in the game. They boast real fruit juice and, beyond classic lemonade, offer flavors like watermelon and strawberry lemonade. According to The Takeout, Simply Hard Lemonade bridges the gap between the spiked hard seltzer trend and old-school beverages like Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Whether you're turning 21 or looking back at your 21st with fond memories, you can create a juicy celebration with these products and might even get your hands on the limited edition lemon keg.