20 Wines You'll Crave In The Summer

The liquor business is forever evolving, but wine is less likely to go out of style. Like beer, the staple drink is embedded with rich history, culture, and nuance that make people love it so much. Whether you enjoy a glass of house red at dinner or are a self-proclaimed sommelier, fans can agree that wine is infinitely interesting and fun to discover. 

That being said, there are certain wines for certain occasions. We pop bottles of Champagne to celebrate, drink red at Italian restaurants, and sip on rosé on a hot summer day. Even though wine has been around for centuries, new products are constantly being introduced into the category to give enthusiasts something novel to enjoy. 

To assist your exploration, we've rounded up our top must-try wines for the summer season. This isn't a list of typical bottles — we've collected some of the most unique wine-adjacent drinks (whether they come in a bottle, box, or can) meant to be enjoyed on a hot day. All you need to do is to find a comfy place to relax in the sun.

1. Really Good Boxed Wine Pinot Noir Rose

Boxed wine gets a bad rap for being cheap and lackluster in the taste department, but the appropriately-named Really Good Boxed Wine company is looking to change that. In an interview with Shop Local Healdsburg, founder Jake Whitman explained that boxed wine is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than glass bottles. He also pointed out the fact that it remains fresh for longer, "I didn't have to risk tossing out half a bottle if I didn't get back to it in time." However, his primary issue with boxed wines on the market that led to the foundation of his business was the fact that they didn't taste so great.

Really Good Boxed Wine sells for about $65 apiece which might sound steep at first, but you're getting four bottles per box. We particularly enjoy the pinot noir rosé, which displays notes of rose petals, dried fruits, and citrus to match its pink hue. The brand uses grapes from its sustainably-farmed vineyard in California's Russian River Valley, an area known for its pinot noir. 

"We literally cannot get enough of this exceptional Rosé. We love the Russian River Valley, and have paid well over double the bottle price for Rosé from that area," one satisfied customer wrote in a review on the brand's website. "Super happy not to have to overspend for a quality product thanks to Really Good Boxed Wine."

2. Maker Week Of Women-Owned Wine Pack

Canned wine is made for summer because who wants to remember to pack a bottle opener and glasses when headed to the beach or park? Maker Wine sells single-flavor six, 12, and 24-packs as well as variety cases, such as a collection of cans honoring women in the wine business. The women-owned wine pack from Makers has options for those who like red, white, rosé, and sparkling, to keep everyone satisfied. The cans are all made by a different women-owned winery featuring grape varieties like grenache blanc, verdelho, dry sparkling riesling, zinfandel, pinot noir, and grenache rosé. Each can contains a third of a bottle of wine (so pace yourself!), with no residual sugar and less than 5 carbs per serving. 

This Maker's pack is a win-win because it supports women-owned wineries while allowing you to sample six totally different wines. "So great for on the go, or even backyard evenings with small kids running around," one review on Maker's website reads of the canned wine pack. It is also perfectly sized to fit into a mini cooler, making it as portable as can be. 

3. Roseade

Roseade is worth trying for the cute can alone which features a cartoon lemon wearing groovy sunglasses — but even better, the contents scream summer. The 8% ABV drink consists of rosé wine, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and some spritz for a bright and bubbly delight. Originally from Australia, Roseade is now available in the U.S. and it's begging you to take it to the beach, the pool, or wherever your summer plans take you. 

A pack of four 250ml cans costs about $15 apiece, and it's so good that you'll probably go through the four cans before you even notice. Roseade is a simple yet perfectly executed wine spritzer that should be the drink of summer, whether or not it's actually hot outside or you're just trying to channel those warm weather vibes in the dead of winter. "Great drink on a beautiful day, so refreshing," one review on Roseade's Facebook page reads. 

4. Pet Mex Bichi

Wines that originate from Napa Valley or regions in France get all the hype, but Pet Mex Bichi proves that Mexico shouldn't be discounted when it comes to good natural wine. The word bichi means naked in certain areas of the country, further exemplifying the winery's process of fermenting with wild yeast using a grape variety that has yet to be identified in this case. The grapes are grown on a vineyard nearly 70 years old located close to the Pacific Ocean in Baja California, before being hand-harvested and pressed. 

The bubbly wine that results after two fermentation processes has a dazzling pink hue that tastes as refreshing as it looks (via Jose Pastor Selections). This bottle has notes of red berries and citrus fruits with a sharpness to round it out. It's a little sweet, but not too much. "One of the best wines in the world right now. Sparkly tingly fruity crisp funky [...] magic juice," one Vivino user wrote in a review of the bottle, which sells for about $40 (via Mysa Natural Wine).

5. Chandon Garden Spritz

A glass of sparkling wine just makes you feel fancy. Throw a little fruit in with the bubbles and you'll feel like the most sophisticated person ever as you drink a classy spritz to cool down on a summer afternoon. Chandon took the work out of the idea with its new Garden Spritz sparkling wine that contains bitters made from oranges macerated with dry orange peels, herbs, and spices. Think of it as Champagne with a citrus twist made with no artificial flavors whatsoever — now that's the definition of an easy drinker. 

Chandon Garden Spritz is bright and fizzy with a hint of spice and bitterness to tie it all together. For $31, you can't go wrong if you bring a bottle to your next picnic as you enjoy the simple pleasures of a nice day. "So flavorful and refreshing! Adding some ice and orange wedge for a super cocktail." one Drizly user wrote in a review. 

6. Barefoot Bright & Breezy Pinot Grigio

Barefoot Wine is a common introductory brand for new wine drinkers or those who prefer to spend less for wine night. It has a reputation for being cheap and one-note, but some of the brand's products deserve more praise. For example, Barefoot recently launched a Bright & Breezy line of wines that are low calories and light enough to sip all summer long. 

The Barefoot Bright & Breezy pinot grigio has just 70 calories per 5-ounce serving compared to 120 for the brand's standard version. It's a tasty light option on its own but it's also the perfect bottle to mix into a fruit-filled sangria to prevent it from being overly boozy. If pinot grigio isn't your favorite, the Bright & Breezy line also includes a rosé and chardonnay which also sell for the low price of $6.99 a bottle. "Love it! Light and low calorie wine. Wish there were more brands that did this," one Total Wine customer raved in a review. 

7. Studio Null No. 3 Prickly Red

If you like the taste of wine but are avoiding alcohol for one reason or another, Studio Null Wines has a prime alcohol-free option that doesn't suffer in the taste department. The No. 3 Prickly Red is a slightly carbonated red made from tempranillo and syrah grapes from Tierra de Toledo, Spain. The wine is produced following traditional methods, and a dealcoholization process is initiated in the cellar between fermentation and bottling. 

The end result has a 0.3% ABV rather than the usual 12 to 14%, making it an excellent option to enjoy on hot sunny days. It's also light on the waistline and each glass contains only 20 calories and 3 grams of sugar per serving. Studio Null is a women-led company, giving you plenty of reasons to support the alcohol-free option even if you still partake in drinking the hard stuff. 

Reddit user Picpoul Blanc shared their opinion on Studio Null's unique red wine: "I thought this was one of the better non alc red wines out there," the review reads, noting it as a rarity because "They're just so hard to do well." 

8. Broc Cellars Love Red blend

Red wine is often associated with hearty meals and cold weather, but there are plenty of refreshing reds on the market to enjoy during a summer cookout or pool party. Broc Cellars 2021 Love Red blend is an excellent fruity option that sells for just $25 a bottle, making it a great host gift too. An extensive list of grapes goes into this bottle including syrah and grenache, all sourced from a few vineyards in California's North Coast region. 

The end result is dripping with juicy berries, acidic funk, and herbs. Dare we say, this could even be a bottle of red you might enjoy over a glass of ice, even though that's a big no-no from wine purists. "Crowd pleaser — your natty wine lovers and traditional parents alike will love this. Carignan-forward, light, and fruity," one Vivino user wrote in a review of the red blend.

9. Spritz Society Grapefruit

Canned wine spritzers are a wine lover's dream come true in the summer. You can enjoy your beverage of choice with the same amount of ease as folks who crack open cans of beer or hard seltzers. Spritz Society's line of canned wine seltzers is an obvious choice for any occasion, especially the tart and refreshing grapefruit flavor. Each can contains 6% ABV, 120 calories, and one third of a bottle of wine. They sell for $17 for a four-pack and are best enjoyed cold and near a body of water. 

Some users who reviewed the drinks on Spritz Society's website claim that the grapefruit recipe convinced them to like the flavor in general. "I'm normally not a huge fan of grapefruit flavored beverages as they can be quite tart and bitter," one review began, adding that now, "The grapefruit flavor is by far my favorite! It has grapefruit flavor without tasting bitter or leaving a weird aftertaste in my mouth." 

10. Avaline Rosé

Avaline Wine may sound familiar for being the brainchild of actress Cameron Diaz and fashion entrepreneur Katherine Power. Aside from the celebrity name recognition (and a fair share of notoriety for its marketing tactics), the brand's rosé wine is a stellar option at a reasonable price. It's light and refreshing, featuring a blend of grapes that includes grenache, cinsault, caladoc, syrah, and cabernet sauvignon. The result is bright and melon-flavored, making it a delicious pairing with summer fruits like peaches and watermelon. 

Drizly is selling a bottle for just $19.99 as of July 2022, so keep it on hand at all times as your staple rosé. Many Influenster reviewers mention that since Avaline wines don't contain added sugar, they won't give you a hangover the next day. Nonetheless, too much alcohol will likely have you feeling it the next day. "Might be my new favorite rosé! Clean and crisp, perfect for a summer picnic," one review reads. "You can enjoy guilt free and without the hangover!"

11. Domaine Bachelet Monnot Bourgogne Blanc

Buttery white wines like Domaine Bachelet-Monnot's Bourgogne Blanc go hand-in-hand with fresh seafood and a beachy atmosphere, which makes it the ultimate summer drink. Made from chardonnay grapes, this wine has a creamy mouthfeel and notes of oak, vanilla, and tart fruits like lemons and green apples. It lingers in the mouth but remains light from start to finish for a tasty option you'll want to keep sipping all season. 

A bottle of the 2019 vintage of Domaine Bachelet-Monnot Bourgogne Blanc sells for about $39 on Drizly, making it a mid-range bottle to accompany a nice meal, preferably eaten outside. "I have not yet discovered anything that offers a better value in BB this vintage," one Cellar Tracker user wrote in a review of the bottle. This is another easy bottle to keep on hand and enjoy at any time of the year for special occasions. 

12. Meinklang Frizzante Rosé

Rosé all day is the summer motto, which means Meinklang's Prosa frizzante rosé should be in your fridge at all times. This wine is a light blend of pinot noir and local grapes, offering fruitiness, floral notes, and a good balance (via Austrian Wine). The blend of grapes adds several layered notes, with strawberries and cherries as a central highlight. "Slightly lower ABV at 10.5 keeps this hugely drinkable and near-jammy/cider like in its delivery," one Vivino user wrote in a review. Be forewarned that consumers describe it as "Dangerously easy to drink." 

Meinklang Frizzante Prosa isn't your average rosé and it doesn't try to be. The natural fermentation adds a nice funk in the background that keeps the flavors interesting while remaining vibrant and easily drinkable. As of July 2022, a bottle sells on Drizly for $19.99, making it a great budget-friendly option to expand your wine palate. 

13. Ameztoi Txakoli

Spanish wines are truly worth spending some time investigating (aka tasting), and Ameztoi's Txakolina from Getaria, Spain is a great place to start. This white wine is slightly spritzy but nothing like your average glass of Champagne. The product is five generations in the making, with a rich history present in every sip of this flavorful classic. A glass of Txakolina stands out for being light and low-alcohol (10.5% ABV to be exact), with notes of green apple, citrus, and a bit of crisp salinity.

This refreshing wine is the ideal companion to a nice backyard barbecue, especially with lighter proteins like seafood or chicken. "Obsessed with this white dry wine with citrus notes. Perfect for seafood or a burger," one Vivino user wrote in a review. It also sells for $22.99 on Drizly as of July 2022, making it another budget-friendly option to keep in your wine fridge all summer long. 

14. Campo Viejo Rosé

Campo Viejo may be better known for its Rioja red wines, but the brand's rosé is a summer staple. It also originates from Spain and features the garnacha grape variety, resulting in a fruity and floral wine that ends with a tart finish. The stand-out notes are strawberries, cherries, raspberries, rose petals, and blackberries. Many reviews on Influenster suggest using this rosé in a wine spritzer by adding club soda or sparkling water and slices of fresh fruit for a well-rounded flavor palate. 

"My new favorite Rosé!! You get notes of strawberry and cherry. Not too sweet, and pairs wells with anything," one satisfied Drizly customer wrote in a review for the bottle. Keep in mind that Campo Viejo's rosé is on the sweeter side, but a generous dose of acidity does wonders to balance it out. For an easy summer sipper, you really can't go wrong with this Spanish rosé.

15. Aridus Sauvignon Blanc

Even people who rarely drink white wine can usually get down with a good bottle of sauvignon blanc. Aridus Wine Company Wine Company is based in Arizona, where it produces a sauvignon blanc that is simultaneously crisp and creamy. With notes of citrus and tropical fruits paired with a slight ginger spice and caramel sweetness, this wine is not to be missed. 

This sauvignon blanc is loaded with depth and sells for a fair price of $35, making it a great bottle to enjoy as you expand your wine knowledge. Additionally, as a review from Drink Hacker notes, it's almost shocking to discover that this blend comes from Arizona rather than a more popular wine region like Napa Valley or New Zealand.

"What a lovely sav blanc! This is coming from a big red wine drinker, not usually too into whites," one Vivino user wrote in a review. "I find a lot of whites have an odd after taste for me and all that lingers on the palate here is a nice tropical fruit essence."

16. Bridge Lane Red Blend box

Boxed wine truly doesn't get the hype it deserves, especially if you're looking to provide enough wine for a crowd. Bridge Lane wine is produced by Lieb Cellars on Long Island, and the winery is serving up the beverage any way you want to drink it — in cans, bottles, boxes, and kegs. The red blend is one of the standout options among the selection, perfect for any time of the year and best enjoyed out of the box. 

Bridge Lane sells its 3L box (equivalent to four bottles of wine) for $48, compared to $20 for one bottle. Not only is the price attractive, but the Bordeaux-style blend within is a real treat. It's balanced and fruity, with notes of cherries and oak rounding out the flavor. Many reviews on Vivino commend the high quality of wine for a reasonable price. "This is a great wine that goes with anything," one customer writes. 

17. The Marigny Pinot Gris Carbonic Maceration

The Marigny Pinot Gris Carbonic Maceration is an Instagram-worthy natural wine that everyone should be drinking this summer. It's like peach pie in a bottle without being too sweet or fruity thanks to its refreshing nature. The six to 12 day fermentation process with the skins gives this pinot gris plenty of color and funky aromas, without overpowering the zippy notes of peach, watermelon, and strawberry. The wine's hue is as deep and floral as the flavor and could easily be mistaken for a fruity beer or cider when poured into a glass. 

Reviews on Vivino describe it as one of the easiest wine bottles to crush without even thinking twice about it. "Like the memory of biting into a ripe Oregon peach in the middle of summer — it's faint but you can still taste it after it's gone. Perfect summer wine," one customer wrote. 

18. Jus Jus Verjus Night

Pét-Nat is all the rage — it's a type of natural sparkling wine that uses wild yeast, no additives, and a single fermentation to create bubbles. Jus Jus decided to take the popular style and make a low-alcohol version you can enjoy all day long. Jus Jus Verjus has two renditions: Day contains 3.5% ABV and Night contains 7%. Both have significantly less alcohol than your average bottle of wine, but the flavor doesn't suffer as a result. Verjus is a tart juice pressed from unripened grapes that's most often used for cooking, but this blend is meant to be sipped all on its own. 

Jus Jus: Night is made with chardonnay from California and has buttery, floral, and slightly sweet aromas. Notes of pears, honey, and floral blossoms are most present, but there's plenty to be discovered with each sip. Pick up a bottle of this delicious beverage for $29. 

19. The Beach by Whispering Angel

Whispering Angel is known for being an amazing rosé, but the brand's The Beach spinoff is a must-try. The Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence wine is inspired by tropical flavors but it also celebrates the brand's commitment to sustainability and beach preservation. The baby pink color matches its subtle yet satisfying flavor, and the packaging itself is Instagram-worthy. 

The Beach wine is overwhelmingly fresh with light notes of melon, lemon, and berry flavors. It's slightly acidic with a medium body but it definitely sits on the dry end of the rosé spectrum. "Light, dry version of Whispering Angel's rose," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review. "Excellent with food or by itself. Purchased as a trial and am now heading out to buy more." The consensus among customers seems to be that Whispering Angel is the blend you drink all-year-round while The Beach is the ultimate summer-weather rosé. 

20. Old Westminster Skin Contact Piquette

Natural wine in a can checks off a few boxes when it comes to drinks made for summer since it's portable, perfect for picnics, and even environmentally friendly. Old Westminster's Skin Contact Piquette is a shining example of these features. This Maryland-made drink contains a skin-contact piquette that is fermented with wild yeast and canned without being filtered. The wine has a hazy orange color that stands out, and people might even mistake it for a beer at first glance. Along with the vibrant citrus notes, this piquette has a refreshingly herbaceous quality. 

Old Westminster is selling this can for $10 apiece which is a bit pricey, but it's worth tasting at least once to get a feel for this one-of-a-kind beverage. This skin contact piquette is a little bubbly, with a dry finish that is reminiscent of a fruity and funky kombucha. "Nice and funky. Low alcohol. Perfect for a warm day," one review on Vivino reads.