Why Costco Shoppers Are Disappointed With Its Avocados

As all avocado lovers know, the fruits are extremely finicky. Unless you learn how to master the avocado, their ways can seem unpredictable, even inexplicable. One day they're hard as a rock, then at 3:01 a.m. they're perfectly ripe, and by the time you wake up to make your favorite avocado toast recipe, they're already overripened.

On top of timing troubles, not every store is going to have good avocados to begin with, and there's a real difference between the varieties on offer (per MarthaStewart.com). For instance, one in three shoppers agree Walmart has the worst quality produce, followed by Target and Aldi. However, even stores considered to have good produce can sometimes slip up and stock a batch of subpar fruits and veggies.

Apparently, not even Costco is immune to the woes of bad produce, as some avocado aficionados recently discovered. Not only were the avocados heckin' expensive, but they were also not particularly great, and Reddit had a lot to say about the situation.

Reddit isn't a fan of Costco's Peruvian avocados

There are many Costco food items that have cult followings, but right now, avocados aren't one of them. In fact, Reddit users are downright disappointed. According to one Redditor's post, the Costco avocados in question were selling for nearly $6 and were "sub" in quality. In other words, they definitely weren't worth the price.

Others noted that the avocados were from Peru and seemed to be picked far too early. One person commented, "I got 'em twice (in the same month) and both times they just stayed hard." Another person said their avocados also never ripened. Still others were shocked by the price differences, as avocados were selling for $4 in North Carolina, $5 in Arizona, and $11 in California.

At this point, you may be wondering how to ripen avocados. Although there are many ways, one Redditor recommended leaving your avocado out on the counter until it's almost ripe, transferring it to the fridge until you want to use it, then leaving it out on the counter again for a few hours to thaw.