The Unbelievable Number Of Waffles Served Per Minute At Waffle House

Breakfast is best enjoyed any time the craving strikes. Eggs, hashbrowns, and, of course, waffles are not relegated to only the morning hours. Waffle House knows this and is open 24/7, making it easy to grab classic breakfast foods any time of the day. Perfect for early morning road trips or capping off a night out, the breakfast chain is known for its constantly open doors, and there's even urban legend that Waffle House doesn't have locks since there's never any need for them.

The little yellow restaurants under their distinctive block sign, the chain has managed to stay relatively the same since its opening in 1955. Besides its look and menu items, the breakfast restaurant has also maintained its cheap prices, even to this day. Not much has changed at Waffle House throughout the decades, and as a result, it is a popular nostalgic spot for breakfast 24 hours a day.

Waffle House dishes out lots of breakfast

Despite being a regional chain, Waffle House serves up a whooping number of waffles per minute. According to Insider, Waffle House serves on average 145 waffles per minute. Not their only menu item, they also provide around 341 strips of bacon, 238 orders of hash browns, and 127 cups of coffee per minute to wash it all down. Since the chain's opening, they have served an unbelievable 2.5 billion eggs.

With "waffle" in the name, it would make sense to assume that it's their most popular menu item. However, there's one surprising Waffle House item on their menu that they serve more than any other restaurant in the world. The amount of breakfast food the retro restaurant chain dishes out is impressive, especially considering Waffle Houses are located in only 25 states, with restaurants mainly in the South and East (via ScrapeHero). The southern staple doesn't kid about its waffles.