Love Aldi? You Might Be Able To Get Married There

Many people dream of the perfect wedding, and that includes the wedding venue. A bride might see herself walking down the aisle of a church, a destination wedding on a beach, or standing under a decorated arbor in a favorite garden. However, for some, those things might be cliché and not reflect the couple's true passions or interests.

Every couple has something that means a lot to them and reminds them of their love. Maybe it's a city, a school, or even a fast food joint, like for this couple who involved Burger King in their wedding.

There are many things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. While many would rather not consider the budget because it seems unromantic, the truth is that this factor will take up at least half the wedding cost (via CVent). This might force people to reconsider that destination beach wedding for a venue closer to home — but what about your local budget grocery store? Would you consider walking down the aisles of Aldi? It would undoubtedly be a day you and many others would never forget!

Maybe it's nothing to do with budget and all to do with your love of Aldi. For one couple walking down the aisle of Aldi, it might be just the wedding they've been looking for — and it won't even cost a thing.

No need to budget for the wedding of your dreams

Aldi is offering one lucky "superfan" couple a chance to walk down the grocery store aisle on November 9 in Batavia, Illinois. Aldi will cover the cost of travel accommodation, hair and makeup, a professional photographer, and a reception filled with Aldi foods and a branded Aldi cake for up to 50 guests. Not only that, the winner will receive $5000 worth of groceries for a year (via PR Newswire). Guests will also receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the Aldi Insights Center.

According to Aldi, many people have shared special memories at the store, including birthdays, baby showers, and this couple who got engaged at the Pelham, Alabama store (pictured above) (via AOL).

If you're interested in this unique Aldi-themed wedding, all you have to do is send in an essay (max. 500 words) about your love as a couple and your love for Aldi, plus a photo of you together. Perhaps you got engaged in the store or first met eyes in the produce aisle. Whatever your connection to the grocery store is, Aldi wants to know the details (via Aldi).

Contestants have until August 17 to enter — or until the cap of 500 contestants is reached.