Alastair Little: The Legendary British Chef's Net Worth At The Time Of His Death Revealed

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According to Eater, Alastair Little was "the grandfather of modern British cooking." Little opened his first restaurant, named "Alastair Little," in Soho, London in 1985. His eponymous restaurant pioneered the way for modern British cooking and broke many barriers, including letting guests view the open kitchen. Little also left tables bare and used paper napkins instead of cloth napkins. His most shocking move was changing the menu twice daily, depending on what he could find at the local markets. His restaurant won the Times Restaurant of the Year award in 1993 (per Celebseek).

Little wanted his restaurants to feel more casual than the often stuffy French restaurants that dominated the London culinary scene. He emphasized simple food that focused on ingredients and wasn't afraid to remove excess items from the plate if they did not highlight the dish as a whole. Little strived to use ingredients that were in season and often favored a Mediterranean-inspired menu (per BigHospitality).

Unlike Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay, Little was never a household name in London. He disliked service, often calling it "turgid and rough" (via Eater).

How Alastair Little made his money

Net Worth Post estimates that Alastair Little's net worth is $2 million. According to Evening Standard, restaurateur Simon Slater reportedly said, "Alastair gets more publicity than Princess Diana."

Little made his wealth from owning restaurants, as well as other business ventures throughout his life. He made several TV appearances during his culinary career, appearing in a 1996 episode of "The Bookworm" and Season 10 of "Masterchef UK" (per IMDB). In addition to being a restaurateur, Little was an author. In the 1990's, he wrote five cookbooks, including "Keep it Simple," a book that offered techniques and recipes designed for a beginner home cook.

Little's most recent venture was a home delivery service called ByAlastairLittle. He took fresh, seasonal ingredients and created meals that could be shipped to homes around the globe. Dishes included soups, pasta, pesto, and cooking oils. Little also opened a restaurant, Et Al, in Sydney, Australia where he resided until his death.