The Hilarious Starbucks App Mishap Reddit Noticed

If you're a fan of free stuff (and face it, who isn't?), many restaurants and fast food establishments offer loyalty reward programs that help repeat customers earn points for free items. According to National Restaurant Association's 2022 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, eight in 10 adults would join a similar program if their local restaurant offered one. The report also revealed that 65% of quick service operators and four out of 10 full-service restaurant owners predicted these programs would be on the rise in 2022.

Everyone loves free coffee, which is why Starbucks' Rewards app makes it simple to earn stars for free items, per Starbucks. Rewards can be redeemed for 25, 50, 150, 200, and 400 stars depending on what you're after; the high end lands you free merchandise while other tiers offer free drinks and pastries. Sometimes, though, technology has glitches, which is exactly what happened to the Starbucks app as Reddit laughed along.

No stars, no reward

In July 2022, Redditors posted on the Starbucks subreddit to reveal a hilarious glitch within the app. The app, which was apparently sharing information regarding bonus stars, read "Spend at least $[] for 0 Bonus Stars." One post captioned the screenshot, "I can't wait to spend $[] for 0 stars," while another post's header read, "What a deal," with a heart-eyes emoji.

The commenters on Reddit were full of humor as well. "All of this nothing could be yours!" one poster wrote, which was responded to with "May I suggest an Air Frappuccino to go with that?" Others complained that the app had been down since the previous day, and everyone seemed to be having similar problems. Luckily, a few baristas jumped on the thread with suggestions. "Check if you're due for a system update! I had that issue, too, along with some problems with other apps. Ran a system update, bam, no more problems," one commented. At least the glitch was able to garner a few good laughs!