Dunkin' South Korea's New Donut Is An Ode To Fried Chicken

Although Dunkin' offers coffee and other beverages, let's face it, we know the chain best for its various Dunkin' donuts. In addition to classics like powdered sugar, jelly, and frosted sprinkle, Dunkin' has also offered some far more unique donuts over the years. According to Delish, some of the strangest Dunkin' donuts have included the black cheese donut in Indonesia, the pork floss donut in China, and the date donut in the United Arab Emirates. But no matter how strange these donuts may seem to Americans, they pay homage to the cultures in which they're found.

In fact, the latest Dunkin' donut celebrates South Korean culture, namely Korean fried chicken. This dish skyrocketed in popularity in the 1980s and countless restaurateurs experimented to find the best method. Today, per Food Worth Writing For, most Korean fried chicken is marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce, fried twice, and served with pickled radish. But what about the donuts?

Dunkin' presents Korean-inspired sweet and savory donuts

In a partnership with South Korean restaurant Kyochon (which is also considered one of the best foreign fast food chains in the U.S.), Dunkin' has unveiled its newest creations: two donuts inspired by Korean fried chicken. Not only are the donuts shaped like a chicken drumstick, they also mimic the popular flavors of South Korean cuisine. One of the two donuts sports Kyochon's sweet honey glaze, while the other is glazed with a savory Cheongyan red pepper sauce (via FoodBeast).

Reddit quickly discovered the donuts, prompting many users to sound off on whether or not they would try one if they could visit South Korea. Many said they would "absolutely" try the fried chicken donuts. Others asked why these kinds of fun donuts are never sold in American Dunkin' locations. One Redditor noted, "This is super common in Asian bakeries. This is Dunkin' conforming to the local norms." Would you try either of these donuts?