PETA Has Shockingly Harsh Words For Gordon Ramsay

It's no secret that Gordon Ramsay is a fan of meat. The infamously hard-to-please chef is known for whipping up a variety of meat-centric recipes such as steak tacos, stuffed pork tenderloin, turkey meatballs, and much more. Though not a vegetarian, Ramsay is also known to love fresh, seasonal vegetable dishes, too (via YouTube). In fact, Green Matters reports that some fans even wondered if the notorious bad boy chef wasn't turning vegan after all.

Ramsay hasn't confirmed anything of the sort. In fact, though he loves a good vegetable dish, the celebrity chef hasn't been afraid to share his dislike of the plant-based community. According to Mirror, multiple accounts exist of Ramsay bashing vegans and even secretly feeding meat or meat byproducts to vegetarians. Recently, Ramsay ruffled the feathers of animal activists again after posting a controversial TikTok. In the video, Ramsay enters a lamb pen and jokes about which one of the farm animals he'll eat next. "Oven time!" Ramsay taunts as he approaches the group of lambs before the video ends. Some viewers found Ramsay's TikTok funny, but others not so much. PETA in particular had some brutal words for Ramsay and his idea of humor, per LADBible.

PETA is making things personal

In an interview with LADBible, PETA UK's vice president of programs Elisa Allen shared her dislike of Gordon Ramsay and called the chef "a callous man." The PETA VP even went a step further, suggesting that she hoped the lamb scandal would cause a rift between him and his family. "What would be funny is if his children went vegan and disowned him ..." Allen said.

PETA's choice words for Gordon Ramsay certainly aren't going to improve their mutual relationship. It's also not the first time PETA has targeted the "Hell's Kitchen" star for his celebration of meat-eating (via Twitter). However, it's also unlikely the animal rights organization will get much of a reaction out of a chef who once joked in a tweet that he was a member of PETA, or People Eating Tasty Animals. When it comes to PETA and Gordon Ramsey, the only thing for certain is that the feud is far from over.