Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Responded To Michael Bublé's Mushy Food

Gordon Ramsay has a bit of a signature style of TikTok video: The chef duets people's recipes and absolutely roasts them. For these videos, he has created the hashtag #ramsayreacts, which has over 7.4 billion views associated with it. The chef's latest duet victim was Michael Bublé, who recently joined him on a segment on "The One Show" on BBC. Even though Entertainment Daily reports that people were upset at Ramsay for swearing during the show, fans really enjoyed the apparent bromance between the singer and chef.

"They're the double act I didn't know I needed in my life — brilliant fun," said one fan on Twitter. "You lot were having a party! Even mum commented it was the most fun and friendly relaxed One Show for ages," tweeted another fan. Fans also loved that the pair bonded over the fact that they both starred in romantic comedies that did not do too well (via Mirror). Now that you know about this budding bromance, it's no surprise that Ramsay swooped in when Bublé made a TikTok about his mushy food.

Michael Bublé's mushy food reminded Gordon Ramsay of childhood

Michael Bublé called for Gordon Ramsay's help on TikTok while eating a dish that did not look very appetizing. The look on the king of Christmas music's face was sad enough, but the audio of "I wanna go home," made the video even more depressing. "I need more @Gordon Ramsay in my life. I miss you man," the singer wrote in the caption. Bublé posted this video in mid-July, and Ramsay just responded yesterday with his signature savage reaction.

"Oh Michael," Ramsay said in his TikTok duet. "Mum's food is always on my mind, guess what, too bad you haven't met her yet." We believe that the chef was just joking around about his mother's cooking, especially because he compared a "bloody delicious" dish on "Kitchen Nightmares" to one of his mother's dishes (via Reddit).

"Not you quoting his song," commented one fan on TikTok. "Gordon, are you flirting," said another fan. "Lol not me realizing that was Michael Bublé," commented another fan. "I deada** thought it was random [sic] person." This comment makes a lot of sense because Ramsay often duets random people, not fellow celebs. The "Haven't Met You Yet" singer has yet to reply to the duet video, but we hope this TikTok bromance keeps going.