20 Tequila Cocktails In A Can You Need To Try

For years, beer claimed the No. 1 slot in the canned alcoholic beverage department. Hard seltzer, kombucha, and wine brands have jumped on the bandwagon to ensure people could consume their favorite beverages in an easy-to-drink can. While brands raced to can their drinks, it seemed one type of alcohol cruised to the party a little later. Tequila lovers lacked a delicious canned cocktail option to enjoy their favorite liquor on the go.

Before these canned cocktails came to market, tequila drinkers waited to consume their favorite alcohol at a bar or restaurant in the form of a margarita or tequila soda. But brands have caught up with the times and started putting tequila-based cocktails in a can to enjoy wherever your heart desires. Get ready to pick up a six-pack to enjoy some tequila on the water, at the slopes, or your next tailgate. As self-proclaimed tequila enthusiasts, we rounded up several tequila cocktails in a can you need to try.

1. Tequila Zarpardo

Kicking off our tequila cocktails in a can list comes Tequila Zarpado. This brand prides itself in creating tequila made from 100% blue agave grown in Los Valles of Jalisco. While the tequila goes down smooth, we want to highlight Zarpado's refreshing Tequila Soda with Lime in a can.

These ready-to-drink tequila sodas come in a four-pack, and each can contains 5.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). No other tequila is needed; these cans will suffice in giving you a buzz. We love that these tequila sodas do not contain added ingredients; think of a refreshing, bubbly beverage made with only real ingredients like fruit juice and tequila. Most canned margaritas have a ton of preservatives and added sugar, which Zarpado avoided when mastering the formula for their tequila soda with lime. We love that this drink does not taste overly sweet, meaning we can drink a few more without the headache.

2. Onda

What does Onda mean? The name mimics a feeling. It translates to a wave and good vibes. Onda grew out of the founder's obsession with tequila soda, and the '90s surf style inspired the branding. Some of us recognize the founder, Shay Mitchell, from shows like "Pretty Little Liars," or as the queen behind the luggage brand Béis.

Onda uses real tequila and juice in their canned cocktails. Each can is 5% ABV, only 100 calories, and 1 gram carbs or fewer, so if you fancy a low-carb diet, this beverage might be for you. As wild as this sounds, not all canned cocktails contain real agave-based spirits. Onda puts care into their ingredients and makes a better-tasting canned cocktail.

While many other brands started producing tequila, then created canned cocktails, Onda specializes in sparkling tequila beverages. They make delicious flavors like grapefruit, lime, blood orange, and watermelon.

3. Los Sundays Tequila Seltzers

Tequila tastes best on days that end in y, but in the case of this brand, Sunday takes the cake. Los Sundays Tequila puts the quality of its tequila at the forefront of their business by creating tequila using a blend of highland and lowland 100% blue Weber agave. With flavors like blanco, reposado, and coconut, its award-winning spirits warm the hearts and stomachs of all who indulge, but the drink we want to discuss goes by the name of the "Sundays Seltzer."

This tequila seltzer offers the same quality as the brand's liquor in an easy-to-drink can and four delicious flavors, including watermelon, lime, pineapple, and grapefruit. At 4.7% ABV, these seltzers come in at a slightly lower alcohol content than some of our previous drinks. With around 100 calories per serving and real tequila in every can, we will reach for these refreshing zesty drinks all year.

4. Volley Tequila Seltzer

Have you tried the first clean tequila seltzer? The next tequila cocktail in a can you need to buy on our list contains pure ingredients guaranteed to provide a delightful burst of tequila in every sip.

Volley founders Chris Wirth and Camila Soriano decided to make their spiked seltzers after discovering other brands in the business fill their drinks with less than pure ingredients. They created tequila seltzers that contain only organic juice, sparkling water, and premium 100% blue agave tequila.

The flavors range from zesty lime and sharp grapefruit to tropical mango and spicy ginger. The spicy ginger threw us initially as an option for a tequila drink, but this seltzer will draw in ginger lovers and those on the fence about this flavor offering. If you like Volley, don't worry. The brand offers a 48-pack to satisfy your tequila seltzer cravings all day and night.

5. Topo Chico Margarita Seltzer

You have likely heard of Topo Chico Spiked Sparkling Water, but what about its Margarita Hard Seltzer? Topo Chico took its legendary mineral water and used it to inspire its spiked seltzer drinks. In the case of its margarita seltzers, the brand took inspiration from favorite margarita flavors. Offerings like the signature margarita, strawberry hibiscus, tropical pineapple, and prickly pear make up Topo Chico's flavor portfolio.

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer claims to bring a unique twist to classic flavors. We agree with this statement and find this beverage incredibly refreshing. Each can, similarly to other tequila seltzers we tried, contains around 100 calories and is 4.5% ABV. The slightly lower percentage makes it ideal for us to continue on to the next flavor. If you're trying the Margarita Seltzer for the first time, grab a can of tropical pineapple; it offers the perfect balance of sweet and tart with a hint of lime for the ideal flavor trifecta.

6. Cutwater Spirits Tequila Soda

Cutwater Spirits distills an award-winning spirits portfolio, including whiskeys, vodkas, gins, rums, tequilas, and liqueurs. In the canned department, you can find a variety of canned tequila beverages, including margaritas, ranch water, and tequila sodas. For this article, we honed in on the tequila, specifically their canned offerings — and even more niche — the tequila soda.

Cutwater's Tequila Soda keeps it simple and combines tequila, soda water, and a hint of lime. Be careful with this canned cocktail because its ABV content is 7%, higher than many of the other canned drinks discussed in this article. From our research, Cutwater's margaritas, however, come in at 10% ABV, higher than any other canned cocktail we tried. If you read the front of the can, you'll see a higher calorie amount at 130, but the drink includes no carbs or sugar, which makes us feel better about the consumption.

7. Juneshine Tequila Margarita

Juneshine began from the desire to provide honest alcohol with no dubious ingredients. They started producing delicious hard kombucha and eventually introduced ready-to-enjoy cocktails in a can. The cocktails with a twist contain no added sugar, a dream for drinkers.

We tried the Tequila Margarita, Juneshine's take on the classic cocktail. Each can includes premium tequila, real organic juice, and no artificial ingredients. It tastes like a delicious skinny margarita you would make at home.

With 10% ABV in each can, these drinks will sneak up on you if you have a few. Additionally, the cans yield 220 calories per can, 6 grams of sugar, and 6 grams of carbs, much higher than the others we reviewed. Juneshine adds, "The residual sugar in our final product comes from organic fruit instead of added sugar or fake sweeteners." So while the grams of sugar may be higher, you can rest assured it's filled with quality ingredients.

8. Tequila Cazadores Cocktails Ranch Water

Tequila Cazadores' website states, "Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was our tequila." Good tequila takes time, so we appreciate that Tequila Cazadores took years to perfect its recipe, made with 100% blue Weber agave. It adopts these same principles when formulating its delicious canned cocktails: the canned margarita, Paloma, and spicy margarita.

The spicy margarita particularly caught our eye as many other brands do not can this cocktail favorite. Each can contains 100% agave Tequila Cazadores Blanco, natural flavors, and agave syrup for sweetening. It's on the sweeter side but still holds a reliably delicious flavor in each sip. Tequila Cazadores comes in at 5.9% ABV, much lower than its Juneshine Margarita counterpart.

We fancy this canned cocktail if you need a quick, easy, spicy margarita. Pour it over ice with some tajin and lime; your friends and family will think you whipped it up from scratch.

9. El Padrino Lime Ranch Water

The Ranch Waters continue to flow with our next tequila cocktail in a can. El Padrino pays special attention to its production to ensure the best quality tequila. Casa Maestri, the distillery El Padrino comes from, is a third-generation family business that gained popularity as one of Mexico's most essential tequila distilleries. While their flavored tequilas give us the itch to make homemade cocktails all the time, we love the convenience of El Padrino's Lime Ranch Waters.

This refreshing ranch water includes real tequila, sparkling water, and lime, as it should. El Padrino Ranch Waters yields 2 grams of carbs, no sugar, and is 7% ABV, making it keto-friendly and a great beverage to get you a bit buzzed. Ranch Waters can often have a sour aftertaste without a ton of sugar or added flavors in the mixture. We did not find that to be the case with the El Padrino Lime Ranch Waters.

10. Hecho Tequila Soda

This tequila cocktail in a can makes a big statement claiming they are the original tequila soda. While this would be difficult to prove, we'll share a few things we did learn about Hecho Tequila Sodas. Hecho began with one purpose: To provide a delicious tequila soda you don't have to make from scratch, because time is precious when you're with your amigos.

This canned cocktail contains 100% agave tequila blanco, carbonated water, and natural lime flavor but no sweeteners or artificial flavors. With only 96 calories, no gluten, and no additives, Hecho may be one of the cleanest canned cocktails on the market. We appreciate that the company does not add malt, mixto tequila, or flavors to their cans, because nothing feels worse than a hangover after drinking too many sugary beverages. Hecho can be consumed right out of the can or added to a shaker with your favorite add-ons for a margarita, Paloma, or mimosa.

11. Mamitas Tequila Seltzers

This next tequila seltzer landed on our tequila cocktails in a can-you-need-to-try list for a good reason. Mamitas Tequila Seltzers contain real tequila, sparkling water, and natural flavors. Mamitas also come in various flavors, including lime, pineapple, Paloma, and mango, all equally delicious. You can even step up your game with the cocktail cans that come in spicy marg and tequila sunrise (including a splash of orange) variations. These tequila cocktails will have even non-tequila lovers reaching for another can.

You're lucky if you care about nutritional labels because Mamitas contains only 95 calories per can, it's gluten-free, and each can offers 5% ABV, a moderate amount compared to the other tequila cocktails we've reviewed.

Mamitas taste light and refreshing, giving off little aftertaste compared to many other seltzer brands. Brianna Lapaglia, TikTok Star and popular podcaster, raves, "[Mamitas is] the only tequila drink worth drinking" (via Instagram).

12. Epic Western Cocktail Co.

We take our canned tequila cocktails very seriously, so we agree with this brand's statement that these drinks will be your "new main squeezes." The Paloma, Chispa Rita, and Ranch Water will be an epic addition to your summer cooler.

The Epic Western brand started on the back of a truck bed in a dove field, using high-quality certified Mexican mineral water and real citrus. This brand does not cut corners, which means no additives or junk get added to their drinks, only the good stuff. We appreciate a company that makes quality a priority.

Epic Western serves up juicy and refreshing canned cocktails guaranteed to be a hit at any barbecue, pool party, or beach day. We often reach for their Ranch Water, which contains a substantial 10% ABV, 2% more than the Chrispa Rita (a "spin on the classic skinny [margarita]") and the Paloma.

13. Lisco Spirits

Next on our list, we have the self-proclaimed "GOAT in the Seltzer Game." Lisco Tequila Seltzers contain as much confidence in their brand as tequila in their sodas. Now, as they say, let's go Lisco and find out what's so special about these canned drinks.

Once limited in distribution in New York, Lisco is now available nationally, offering delicious flavors like fresh pineapple, sweet mango, juicy watermelon, and luscious lime crafted with hand-selected blue agave from Jalisco, Mexico. Like many of our respected brands on this list, Lisco is free of artificial flavors or added sugar.

The brand points out how many canned seltzers use malt, liquors, and artificial ingredients to alter the beverage's taste. With only 100 calories in every Lisco and no artificial ingredients, these are tequila canned seltzers you can feel great about consuming. To top it all off, we're suckers for branding, and Lisco's can does not disappoint.

14. Cantina Tequila Soda

This brand pioneered the canned vodka soda and didn't stop there. Cantina combines carbonated water with tequila and natural flavors to create the perfect tequila in a can. You can enjoy these beverages in three delicious flavors: grapefruit Paloma, Ranch Water, and watermelon margarita.

As self-proclaimed margarita aficionados, we gravitate toward Cantina's fresh-tasting watermelon margarita. This drink mimics a classic margarita, but pairs fresh watermelon with the crisp blanco tequila made with premium blue Weber agave. Clocking in at 5.6% ABV, this drink contains 99 calories, 1 gram of carbs, and zero added sugar.

If you like to have a good time and enjoy a quality tequila soda while doing it, Cantina will hit the spot. These drinks were born in Austin, Texas, but can now be enjoyed all over the country; per Bevnet, Cantina's CEO and co-founder Brandon Cason says these canned tequila drinks are for "explorers in both mind and spirit."

15. MEXI Seltzer

Pinkies up, tequila fans! MEXI's hard seltzers contain top-shelf NOM distillery tequila. These refreshing, high-quality seltzers have a shot and a half of premium Blanco tequila, so you can catch a buzz and feel good while doing it. MEXI only mixes tequila with real fruit juice and natural flavors, so every drink is lower in sugar and calories to allow you to feel good about your drinking. At 6%, the ABV is similar to other canned tequila drinks we've tried.

But MEXI offers unique flavors we have yet to try from other brands. These craft tequila seltzers come in flavors like aloe & mint, tamarindo, and guava spice. Guava spice gives the right amount of sweetness and spicy; the perfect balance to get you out of your everyday tequila soda rut. If you love these varieties, you're in luck; MEXI offers a subscription for additional savings, perks, and custom MEXI bonuses.

16. Sauza Agua Cocktails

Another bottled tequila turned canned seltzer, Sauza Agave Cocktails come in three delicious flavors for you to indulge. Enjoy varieties inspired by classic cocktails like Lime Crush, Strawberry Breeze, Black Cherry Smash, and Tropical Twist. For example, the Lime Crush draws inspiration from a classic margarita.

While the brand uses the name and likeness of Sauza Tequila, these cans do not contain distilled spirits and use agave nectar to sweeten the final product. We prefer our tequila seltzers to have the real deal, but Sauza still provides a fruity and bold flavor in every can. Most of their cocktails are on the stronger side at 8% ABV.

Sauza highlights the importance of "get busy living" and "living life to the fullest." We believe in this notion and, more specifically, think you can certainly live life more fully with a whole can of a tequila cocktail. Pass the Tropical Twist.

17. Freshie Tequila Cocktail

What are you drinking? Freshie Organic Tequila Seltzers asks this to make you question what you're putting in your cooler. Freshie uses all organic ingredients to create a superior tequila refreshment that uses organic silver tequila combined with sparkling water, organic lime, and organic agave nectar.

What sets Freshie apart is it doesn't cut corners to create a buzz-worthy seltzer. Its organic and non-GMO agave takes seven years to mature before it is sustainably farmed and distilled using 100% solar energy. This seltzer is only 99 calories and certified gluten-free, and on the mellow side with 4.7% ABV.

The bright label and the ingredients inside make this a drink you want to keep drinking. Freshie feels confident in its product and keeps it simple with one flavor; its website showcases different ways you can utilize the cans to make a unique cocktail like the Strawbae Paloma, if you'd like.

18. Jose Cuervo Playamar Tequila Seltzer

If you regularly grab a handle of Jose Cuervo at the store or want to try a new canned beverage, check out Playamar, a hard seltzer made with real Cuervo tequila.

Playamar comes in lime, grapefruit, mango, and black cherry flavors. The seltzers look like your average clear, sparkling water but with an added tequila taste. We feel good about the macronutrients in Playamar with only 90 calories per can, 0 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams protein, and 0 grams of fat. It wouldn't be hard to reach for a second one, since this canned hard seltzer comes through at 4.5% ABV.

Raise a can in the name of tequila. This brand grabbed inspiration from the dreamy beaches of Mexico, delivering a fun, light concoction for moments when the real world gets stressful, and you want to imagine yourself lying near a vast, relaxing ocean.

19. Karbach Brewing Ranch Water

Get ready for a good time with Karbach Brewing Ranch Water. Known for brewing up some delicious IPAs, Karbach recently branched out to the seltzer sector. The Ranch Water combines the perfect blend of hard seltzer with lime and 100% blue agave.

When you imagine the three-ingredient cocktail, you think of tequila, lime, and Topo Chico. Karbach Brewing takes it a step further by bringing flavored Ranch Waters into the mix. With Karbach, you can enjoy Ranch Waters in flavors like original lime, prickly pear, spicy mango, grapefruit, watermelon, and Meyer lemon.

When you thought it couldn't get any more delicious, Karbach provides food pairing suggestions that go with each flavor variety. For example, original lime suggests fajitas, pulled pork, shrimp tacos, and hot Texas days. With 90 calories a can, 4.5% ABV, and food pairings listed on the site, what more can you ask for in a hard tequila seltzer?

20. Hornitos Tequila Seltzer

Finally, we tried the Hornitos rendition of the tequila seltzer. This brand strives to "defy tradition," so with this canned cocktail, they combined Plata tequila with seltzer and flavors like lime, mango, pineapple, and passion fruit. We'll happily raise a can of these delicious flavors.

The lime flavor provides a light and sour taste similar to a tequila soda. The fresh agave is not too sweet, but provides a solid flavor. We will say we don't think we could drink too many of these without the taste getting old. Creating the perfect mix of lime, tequila, and seltzer is tough.

According to the KyBrew Review, each seltzer contains 112 calories, 3.5 grams of carbohydrates, and is 5% ABV. Though Hornitos is a cheaper tequila, the seltzers come in at a slightly higher price point, $12 for four seltzers. The price factor makes us question whether we want to buy these continuously. The seltzer is drinkable in a pinch, but we prefer others on our list.