Why Starbucks' 'Anti-Coffee Coffee Cake' Had Reddit Laughing

Redditors can find humor in anything. They've enjoyed Trader Joe's chemistry pun on a guacamole package, and roundly mocked the way Aldi likes to mimic brand labels with their store brand packaging. Reddit even took aim at Starbucks when the coffee giant had to post a funny sign about medicine balls, explaining that its "Medicine Ball" off-menu drink didn't have any actual medicine in it.

Because it's so ubiquitous, Starbucks is a common whipping post for online jokesters and critics to take aim at. It's been under fire for supply chain problems, with Eat This, Not That! pointing out that the chain has had to put many items under "temporary hold," because things like hazelnut syrup or various types of tea bags were unavailable. The brand has even gotten heat for the weird rules workers have to follow.

Starbucks is once again in the crosshairs with a Reddit thread discussing an image of coffee cake taken at one of its outlets. The picture shows a regular cut of coffee cake, but then there's one that is missing some components. Some theorized that this new coffee cake was the "decaf version" while another suggested it was "Boneless Coffee Cake." Whatever it is, it's certainly a question for quality control.

The Starbucks coffee cake that wasn't

In the Reddit thread, the OP posted a photo that showed a piece of standard Starbucks coffee cake alongside another one that looked downright naked. It lacked a healthy — or perhaps unhealthy — layer of crumbs on the top. It appeared to be a stripped-down slice of cake, which had more than a few commentators wise cracking.

"NO CRUMB FOR U!!" screamed one. A barista asked, "Is this the crumbiest or least crumby thing they could do? I can't decide." Either way, the cake certainly lacked the tasty goodness we've come to expect on a Starbucks coffee cake. Hopefully, this isn't another supply shortage issue that will force those who love cake in the morning to rethink their dietary choices.

Though this might be considered an anti-coffee coffee cake, it might actually be the purest form of the breakfast dessert. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a coffee cake is "a sweet rich bread often with added fruit, nuts, and spices that is sometimes glazed after baking." Nowhere in the definition is a crumb layer topping mentioned. Therefore, coffee cake as the world has come to know it might be changing. Though, you can always make your own coffee cake at home, with all the crumbs you wish.