Nina Dobrev And Julianne Hough Name The One Food They Always Have In Their Kitchen - Exclusive

Sometimes, all you need in life is some wine, loud music, and good food. The kitchen is a sacred place, where the act of cooking can be a fun and relaxing task. If cheffing it up isn't your forte, then it could also be a daunting one. Wherever your cooking abilities lie, everyone has that one food is always stocked in your pantry or fridge and is used in almost every meal. Does the avocado toast trend sound familiar? Even the most adored celebrities have a go-to in the kitchen, like actresses Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, the pair talked about all things wine and food. In 2019, Dobrev and Hough created a wine company named Fresh Vine Wine that offers a 'guilt-free' version of your favorite alcohol (AKA a low-carb, low-refined-sugar, and low-calorie option). No more hangovers or relentless morning-after cures? Count us in. The pair prides themselves on being proponents of health and wellness, so naturally Mashed had to ask what really fills their kitchen cabinets.

The pair can't get enough of Tajín and olive oil

Julianne Hough, seen on "Footloose," had a simple answer when it comes to her kitchen must-haves. "Olive oil," she said to Mashed. The cooking staple can be used in a multitude of ways, as a garnish or as a method (sautéing, for instance). Nina Dobrev had a bit of a different response, with a certain seasoning being her favorite pantry stuffer. The "Degrassi" star explained, "Tajín. I put Tajín on everything — that or ketchup. I put it on my avocado for breakfast in the morning and I put it on my cocktails if we're doing a sangria cocktail or something." Looks like Tajín and sangria may be a new summer drink hack.

Nina, also known for her time on "The Vampire Diaries," continued to name protein shakes as her number one go-to before a big acting scene. As for Julianne, who is currently on Broadway for the show "POTUS," a light meal such as a protein, sweet potatoes, and some vegetables before a performance would suffice. After a long day on set (or stage), the friends may even be seen sipping on their new Sauvignon Blanc varietal from Fresh Vine Wine.

Head to Fresh Vine Wine's website or Instagram page to learn more about the new Sauvignon Blanc variety and other premium wine offerings.