The Best Whiskey Glasses In 2023

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While it's true that you can drink whiskey from any old glass you've got lying around, a quality whiskey glass can easily elevate your libations to the next level. This is because most whiskey glasses are specifically designed to showcase the unique flavors and aromas of this amber spirit. As such, it's little surprise that whiskey connoisseurs can get pretty choosy about their glassware.

Whether your glass is graced by single malt whiskey, blended whiskey, Scotch, or bourbon, drinking one of the many varieties of quality whiskey is an experience. It's certainly one that you don't want to taint by using substandard or poorly designed glassware. But what are we talking about, exactly? Some of the more popular whiskey glasses on the market are a tumbler with straight walls and a robust base, while you might also encounter a bowl-shaped Glencairn tasting glass, or snifter with a stem, wide bottom, and a narrow top (via World Whisky Day). Some are purportedly better suited to one whiskey style over another but, at the end of the day, it's all a matter of preference.

Sound confusing? Never fear, for we're here to help! Keep reading to learn more about the best whiskey glasses in 2023.

How we selected products

No matter the design, all good whiskey glasses come with certain characteristics. And while some glassware is great for a casual whiskey or two, other glasses are designed specifically for whiskey connoisseurs wishing to make the most out of their quaffing experience. With this in mind, we have sifted through hundreds of options — along with both expert and community reviews — to bring you the cream of the crop of the whiskey glass world.

We started our research by looking at the material. While most whiskey glasses are made from, well, glass, there are also some great crystal whiskey glass options. Next, we looked at that material's thickness. Whiskey glasses can be either thick and sturdy or relatively thin and fragile. We also took into account each glass design and how well it lends itself to accentuating the aromas and flavors of the spirit. Last but not least, we considered the feel and aesthetics of a given glass, as well as its price. After all, a great whiskey glass needn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Best overall whiskey glass

The set of four Waterford Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses can add an element of elegance to any quaffing experience, no matter the whiskey. Crafted from lead-free crystalline and made in Italy, the glasses are intricately decorated with a classic cut pattern. With an 11-ounce capacity, the glasses are large enough to accommodate a variety of whiskey-based cocktails, too.

The Waterford Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses have been a hit with whiskey-lovers. In fact, Don't Waste Your Money has ranked them second in a list of 10 products arranged on the basis of 17 expert reviews. On Amazon, 85% of reviewers have given the set five out of five stars, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the product.

One Amazon reviewer has described the Waterford Markham set as a great deal, saying, "Between the size and the heft, these feel great to hold and look good too. And having run some decent single malt through them I can report that they are entirely fit for purpose. As to the complaints that they're not on a par with top-of-the-line, $75-a-pop Waterford glasses — well, no kidding. These are $10 glasses, and a great deal at that price."

Purchase the Waterford Markham Double Old-Fashioned Glasses from Amazon starting at $47.20.

Best value whiskey glass

Stylish and affordable, the MOFADO Crystal Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses don't come with a hefty price tag. In fact, the set of two glasses will only set you back around $20. Hand-blown from lead-free crystal, the 12-ounce glasses are large enough to accommodate not just cocktails but whiskey ice spheres, too. They also feature thick bottoms that add to their hefty one-pound weight.

Perhaps something that's not immediately noticeable is the small indentation at the bottom of each tumbler, which reflects some light into the liquor to form a whiskey-colored mountain (via Don't Waste Your Money). This is an additional feature that's unexpected at this price range.

The MOFADO Crystal Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses have received a favorable reception from whiskey enthusiasts, with a cool 8.4 out of 10 rating on Best Views Reviews. Amazon whiskey-lovers have also praised the glasses, with 84% of customers awarding them five out of five stars. One Amazon reviewer reports, "These are good, heavy, solid whiskey glasses. They make me feel ten feet tall and covered in hair!"

Purchase the MOFADO Crystal Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses from Amazon starting at $22.95.

Best double-walled whiskey glass

Made from borosilicate glass, the Norlan Whisky Glasses whiskey glasses feature a modern design with a curved interior and double walls to help elevate the taste and aromas of your favorite beverage. The double-walled design also minimizes heat transfer between your hands and the spirit, which helps keep you comfortable and your drink cool. In addition, the inner protrusions in the glasses reduce ethanol burn, which is the stinging feeling you sometimes get when you drink high-proof alcohol (via

While visually appealing, we do have to admit that the Norlan Whisky Glasses have some downsides. Firstly, they can be time-consuming to clean. In fact, the glasses come with a set of hand washing instructions and a polishing cloth to get it right. In addition, since the glasses are hand-blown, they can have slight variations from glass to glass. While we believe that this makes the glasses unique, some whiskey-enthusiasts have less generously referred to these differences as imperfections (via

Purchase the Norlan Whisky Glasses from Amazon starting at $54.

Best whiskey glass for a splurge

If you've ever needed to handle anything with care, it's surely a set of Baccarat Harmonie Old Fashioned Tumblers. Priced at over $270 for a set of two — that's $135 per glass — the clear crystal tumblers are likely to be the most expensive glasses you'll ever own.

What makes the Baccarat Harmonie Tumblers so special? Made in France, the 12-ounce glasses feature a unique linear silhouette that runs vertically along the glass, ending in a thick base (via Crystal Classics). While there's little doubt about the set's visual appeal, its steep price also has a lot to do with the name. Baccarat Glass was founded way back in 1765 in a village of the same name, about 240 miles from Paris (via Nest Casa). Since then, the company has built a solid reputation, receiving ultra high-end commissions, including crafting chandeliers for the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul (via Beyond).

Purchase the Baccarat Harmonie Old-Fashioned Tumblers from Amazon starting at $350.

Best whiskey glass for tasting

Featuring a tapered mouth designed to bring out the unique aromas and flavors of your whiskey, the Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses are some of the best sipping glasses on the market. Sold in sets of four, the glasses also feature wide bowls that display the spirit's color, as well as easy-to-grip short base stands.

Crafted from lead-free crystal, the Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass was first designed by the company's founder Raymond Davidson in 1976. After 20 years on the shelf, the glass was rediscovered by Raymond's sons, who finally unveiled the design in 2001. The Glencairn glass has been a hit ever since. It's endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association and has won the 2006 Queen's Award for Innovation (via

So what's the word on the street — or rather, on the internet? While at 6.5-ounces, the Glencairns are too small for cocktails, they have received favorable reviews nonetheless. According to Caroline Pardilla from, you're simply not allowed to call yourself a whiskey connoisseur if you don't own one of these beauties.

Purchase the Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses starting at $29.35.

Best whiskey glass for straight whiskey

With the tagline "Lets every spirit speak for itself," the NEAT Glass has been specifically designed to enhance the experience of sipping fine spirits. The squat, tulip-shaped glass promotes evaporation, then channels alcohol vapor to the narrow neck where it's expelled via the lip flare. This leaves the spirit's essence just above the neck, allowing whiskey-lovers to detect more aromas with less ethanol burn (via Scotch Noob). According to the NEAT website, the NEAT Glass has been used in more than 30 competition events, making it a very popular choice for professional whiskey tasters.

Made from lead-free crystalline, the stylish nosing glass may just be the perfect investment for those who like their spirits straight. One Amazon reviewer confirms this, saying, "They really do dispense with the heavy concentration of alcohol vapors as you bring it to your mouth, leaving the sweet fragrance of your drink." In a similar vein, another Amazon customer has recommended the NEAT glass to those wishing to "taste more of the complexity of the spirit."

Purchase the NEAT Glass from Amazon starting at $22.99

Best whiskey glass for the outdoors

Ideal for picnics or nights on the patio, the Rabbit Freezable Whiskey Glasses make a perfect addition to any outdoor quaffing adventure. The set comes with two glasses made from double-walled borosilicate filled with food-safe chilling liquid. Simply pop them in the freezer for four hours to enjoy two hours of cooling action — all without the dilution of melting ice (via Wine Stuff). The eight-ounce glasses also come with removable silicone sleeves to protect your hands and keep the drink cool (via Amazon).

While the Rabbit Freezable Whiskey Glasses have received a favorable reception on Amazon, some customers have complained that they are prone to breaking. For example, one Amazon reviewer has described the glasses as "amazing for someone who drinks things too slowly in the summer," adding that sadly she did break one in the first week as the glasses are a little thin.

Purchase the Rabbit Freezable Whiskey Glasses from Amazon starting at $28.40.

Best whiskey glass for a gift

Ideal as an eye-catching gift, the Huckberry American Mountains Whiskey Glasses are true to their name. That's because each glass comes with a raised topographic impression of one of America's most iconic mountains. More specifically, you can choose from Mt. Rainer, Mt. Whitney, Denali, and Yosemite's Half Dome. If you're at all confused, the mountain's name is also clearly etched at the bottom of each glass (via Hand-blown and crafted from lead-free glass, the 11.5-ounce glasses are lightweight yet sturdy.

Caroline Pardilla from waxes lyrical about the glasses' striking aesthetics. You might too, especially if you're a fan of the outdoors. And while Parsifal is clearly impressed with the Hackberry glasses, she does take a moment to note that their double-wall design makes them slightly too thick for her purposes.

Purchase the Huckberry American Mountains Whiskey Glasses from the brand's website starting at $60.

Best whiskey glass for bourbon

Billed as the official tasting glass of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the aptly named Libbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glasses have been crafted in collaboration with the state's master distillers. Designed for savoring bourbon, the four-piece clear glass set features glasses with a wide bowl to promote evaporation and a thick sham on the bottom for swirling. Meanwhile, the narrow neck helps to channel the aromas of your favorite brandy to the thin laser-cut rim. Additionally, unlike tulip glasses or Glencairns, the Libbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon Trail Glasses are stackable, meaning they'll take up less cupboard space (via Spruce Eats).

Bourbon lovers have praised the Libbey Whiskey Glasses' design and solid structure, with 83% of Amazon customers giving the set five out of five stars. Many have also compared it favorably to the similarly priced Glencairn glasses. One Amazon reviewer who opted to buy the glasses instead of Glencairns says, "With bourbon you really want to inhale while you drink to get the full flavors, this glass allows your mouth and nose to be in the glass at the same time, which enhances the experience of drinking bourbon. The glass is thin and has a nice heavy bottom."

Purchase the Libbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glasses from Amazon starting at $36.19.

Best whiskey glass set with a decanter

Featuring an etched globe motif, the Godinger Decanter Globe Set with Etched Glasses is a sure way to impress your guests. The stylish set comes with a 28-ounce decanter decorated with a statuette of an antique ship inside and a gold stopper, as well as four matching lowball glasses. The nautical-themed set sits on an elegant mahogany-stained tray (via Amazon).

The striking set has received outstanding scores on whiskey glassware websites, including a 9.9 out of 10 rating from Best Views Reviews and 9.4 out of 10 from OveReview. On Amazon, 87% of customers have awarded the product a five out of five rating. One Amazon reviewer who received the Godinger Decanter Globe Set for Christmas has said that he uses the decanter to mix two different bourbons that go particularly well together, adding that the set is well made, looks great, and feels good in the hand.

Purchase the Godinger Decanter Globe Set with Etched Glasses from Amazon starting at $66.89.

Best designed whiskey glass

Just like their name suggests, the Dragon Diamond Whiskey Glasses are fashioned in the shape of diamonds. Beautiful and practical, the four glasses sit at a 50-degree tilt that not only makes them look great but also helps to aerate whiskey as it's poured and swirled in the glass. Billed as anti-rocking and spill-proof, the 10-ounce glasses are relatively stable despite their somewhat unorthodox shape. In addition, the duo is dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer safe, which makes them durable enough for everyday use.

While there's little doubt that the Dragon Diamond Whiskey Glasses are a conversation starter, how do they measure up when it comes to functionality? One Amazon customer seems happy with the set's sturdiness and craftsmanship, saying, "I got these [glasses] because the design looked so incredibly unique, but when they arrived, I was surprised at how amazingly crafted they were! Sometimes you see glasses online, and when they arrive [they're] so paper thin, a baby's grip could shatter them. Not these. Very sturdy [and no] visible seal from any mold."

Purchase the Dragon Diamond Whiskey Glasses from Amazon starting at $34.99.

Beat whiskey glass with a whiskey ice sphere mold

Spherical ice — also known as craft ice — not only looks cool, but it also serves a very important function when it comes to enjoying your whiskey. Since ice spheres have a lower surface area-to-volume ratio than other shapes, they chill your drink without diluting it as much as rectangular or square ice cubes (via Dramson). Sound interesting? The set of two Lorsia Whiskey Rocks Glasses comes with two patent-pending spherical ice molds. Made from PP plastic and soft food-grade PET material, they are stackable, easy to fill, and odorless (via Amazon).

Ice molds aside, the Lorsia whiskey glasses' twisted design is both easy on the eye and practical. Featuring thick sides and a hefty base, the tumblers are both durable and comfortable to hold — and the glasses are dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up. Perhaps one Amazon reviewer sums up the set best, saying, "They are kinda square with swirls ... but I swear that they were molded for my hand. Holding them at the bottom, the curves are a perfect form fit for my fingers and they are super comfortable."

Purchase the Lorsia Whiskey Rocks Glasses from the brand's website starting at $16.98.

Best hand-blown whiskey glass

Designed by an Australian-based duo, the striking Denver & Liely Whisky Glass sits somewhere in between a conventional whiskey tumbler and a Glencairn tasting glass (via Scotch Malt Whisky). Hand-blown, cut, and polished from lead-free crystal, the glass features a tapered body that propels the aromas to the narrower rim. Meanwhile, the wide base maximizes the surface area of the glass and gives it stability.

The Denver & Liely Whisky Glass has fared well with experts and is now available from over 20 dealers across the globe. Four Barrels is especially fond of the small air bubbles in the glass, which are a feature of hand-blown pieces, as well as its ergonomic shape and wide base. If you're a fan of artisanal glassware with a unique shape and a serious level of functionality, this is a widely well-regarded choice.

Purchase the Denver & Liely Whisky Glass from the manufacturer starting at $45.

Best whiskey glass for Scotch

What better way to indulge in high-quality Scotch whisky than from a tumbler embossed with the Scottish thistle, which has been the emblem of the country for nearly eight centuries (via Historic UK). The set of two Royal Scot Crystal Scottish Thistle Whisky Tumblers delivers precisely this, and then some. The large 11-ounce glasses are perfect for drinking Scotch neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. And while they are admittedly on the pricier side, the tumblers are made from hand-cut crystal that might just become your family heirloom — provided that you treat them with respect (via Amazon).

The Royal Scot Crystal Scottish Thistle Whisky Tumblers are steeped in tradition, something that no doubt plays a part in the high price. With designs inspired by the British glassmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries, Royal Scot Crystal is committed to high-quality materials and craftsmanship. According to the Royal Scot Crystal website, the products of the third-generation-managed glassware company have been used to serve beverages in "palaces and the finest homes in the United Kingdom and North America" (via Royal Scot Crystal).

Purchase the Royal Scot Crystal Scottish Thistle Whisky Tumblers from Amazon starting at $140.