Aldi's Lineup Of Fan-Favorite Candles Just Keeps Growing

Aldi has accrued a sort of cult-following over the years. The store has gained popularity for a variety of reasons, including its low prices, select inventory, and speedy checkout process. The German-born grocery chain is known for some of the lesser-known brands it carries, too, which fans tend to categorize as must-try Aldi's items. In the U.S. alone, Aldi is becoming so successful that it recently announced plans to expand to an additional 150 stores by the end of 2022.

As the Aldi brand continues to grow, so does its selection of non-food items like home goods. The store's offering of home decor is often stocked with a random assortment of edible and non-edible goods, a portion of the store cheekily referred to as the Aisle of Shame by some Aldi diehards. As it turns out, Aldi's candles actually have a huge following, with some claiming that Aldi's candles are dupes for similar scents released by popular brands. The company continues to stoke the flame of its candle fandom by adding to its line of candles with its Daily Affirmations Candle Set.

What customers think about Aldi's new candles

Like Aldi's previous melters, the newly-released Daily Affirmations Candle Set is already a fan favorite. Overall, customers seem pleased with the seven available scents and their packaging (per Instagram), and many feel that the $12.99 price tag is a bargain. Plus, affirmations printed on the lid of each candle add a bit of flair, with phrases like "Dare to begin" and "Live what you love" offering words of insight for customers.

Novel products at Aldi tend to fly off the shelves quickly, and the store's candles are no exception. Some customers lament that they weren't able to get to an advertised candle fast enough, while others have begged Aldi to bring back old fan favorites. One Instagram fan wrote that they wished the company would bring one specific candle back to store shelves, explaining that "The peach bourbon coffee scented one was AMAZING." 

Like a flame that flickers, candles at Aldi come and go. Even if you can't get your hands on the latest craze, it seems like there's always an upcoming Aldi candle set on the horizon.