How You Can Get Paid To Drink Wine While On Vacation

Getting paid to drink wine? If that sounds too good to be true, brace yourselves, because it isn't. Consider this for a moment: You can make money by moving to a remote village in Italy or being paid to binge-watch TV. In fact, you can even earn a few dollars in your sleep because being paid to nap is a real thing! Now, a UK-based wine retailer Majestic is seeking "Vinterns" who will be paid as much as £200 ($241) a day, all for drinking a few glasses of wine (via Majestic Wines).

As a part of Majestic's Wine Club, the retailer curates a case of wines "designed to take you on a journey of exploration – beyond great wine," four times a year. The club's newest summer case is designed to celebrate Spain and Portugal, and the two neighboring countries' food and drink cultures. For one lucky Vintern however, the Wine Club's summer case of wines comes with an actual flight ticket to Spain and Portugal in September.

You get to decide whether wine tastes better on a vacation

Per Majestic's Vinternship, the retailer is looking for a wine enthusiast who is willing to fly out to Spain and Portugal and spend a few days sipping on wines native to the countries. The trip includes flight tickets, accommodation, and a snazzy case of the Wine Club's wines. But that's not all — you'll also be paid £200 ($241) in spending money for each day spent on the vacation.

In return, all that Majestic asks you to do is put an end to an ever-pressing question: Does wine taste better on a holiday? According to Winerist Magazine, it's common to feel that the same wine you're drinking at home tasted better while you were on a sunny, beachside holiday. Not only does your body's ability to taste change depending on the environment that you're in, but colors, music, and ambiance all play a role in how a certain wine tastes.

To find it out for themselves, Majestic will send another box of wines when you're back home from your European wine-drinking vacation and will ask you to taste the drinks at home. You then get to sip, ponder, and evaluate whether the same wines tasted better when you were on a holiday or whether they tasted better at home.

The best part? You don't need to be a sommelier or a wine expert. As long as you like to drink wine, own a passport, and are over 18, you'll be eligible for the paid Vintership!