People Eager To Try The Clash Dash Cereal At Walmart Might Want To Brace Themselves

"Clash of Clans" is a mobile strategy game that launched in 2012. In the game, you can "build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic clan wars" against "millions of players worldwide," according to Apple. This year, for the game's 10th anniversary, the creators are doing some pretty special things to mark the occasion. The whole celebration hinges on the concept that "on the 10th Clashiversary a faulty Tesla tower sent Barb back in time, creating an alternative universe where Clash started in 1982 instead of 2012," as "Clash of Clans" posted on Twitter. This old-school celebration includes three mini games, including '90s-style racing game "Clash Dash," complete with gold coin power-ups and 2D Mario Party graphics (via Chew Boom).

In a surprising twist, the 10th anniversary celebration also includes a vintage-inspired cereal that draws heavily from the "Clash Dash" mini-game. Clearly targeting those of you gamers who are nostalgic for cereals you'll never have again, the breakfast item is available at Walmart in the U.S. — or at least it was.

Mouthfuls of destruction available from Walmart

Basically, if you want a box of Barb's Choco Boom Booms, you'll probably need to hit up a third-party seller — and you'll need to want it bad. Boom Booms, which retailed exclusively at Walmart, are sold out already as of this writing, per the chain's website. Inspired by the "Clash Dash" racing mini game in the broader "Clash of Clans" game, the cereal consists of chocolaty corn puff balls and retails at $9.98 plus shipping — that is, if you can get your hands on it. Sadly, the retro cereal you can only find at Walmart is not only sold out, but it's not coming back, according to Chew Boom

Part of the fictional history invented for the game's 10-year anniversary, Barb's Choco Boom Booms are supposedly a blast from the past straight out of 1992, when this fictional alternate reality "Clash of Clans" would have celebrated its 10th anniversary. How meta. "Clash of Clans" even released a vintage-style ad (complete with soft focus) in which a little boy grows so big and strong from eating Barb's Choco Boom Booms that he sprouts a blond mustache and burst out of his clothes as he essentially becomes Barb the Barbarian.