Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Mocked A Rival Chef On Instagram

Since they are both blond chefs with accents who have become extremely popular in America, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are often compared to one another even though they could not be more different. For one, Oliver is known for his more relaxed cooking style, while Ramsay is famous for screaming and calling people idiot sandwiches. In fact, when the two were filming a show called "Food Fight" together in the 2000s, their personalities clashed, leading to a decade-long feud (via Irish Mirror).

Apparently, the pair couldn't even stand to be photographed together, so the marketing team had to do a lot of photoshopping. From there, the feud consisted of a series of unkind comments that one chef would say on TV and the other would retaliate. At one point, the "MasterChef" host said that Oliver was a "one-pot wonder," and Oliver retaliated by advising Ramsay to get Botox (via Metro).

Finally, when Ramsay appeared on "The Jonathan Ross Show" in 2019, he revealed that the pair had officially squashed their beef and even went on vacation together the year before. Ramsay explained that they are now friends, and when Oliver's restaurants went under, he called him to express his sympathies right away. Despite making amends, Ramsay's recent Instagram post reveals that there is still some playful banter in their relationship.

Ramsay's daughter Tilly helped him roast Jamie Oliver with this dance trend

Although Gordon Ramsay is incredibly famous in his own right, part of the reason he has been able to find success on platforms with younger audiences, like TikTok, is because of advice from his daughter Tilly Ramsay. Tilly has 10.2 million followers on TikTok, so she knows what she's talking about when schooling her dad on social media. She has made a few dance videos with the chef, including one post where the "Kitchen Nightmares" star really gets into it.

The Scottish chef's latest Instagram post is yet another dance trend that he did with Tilly's help. The TikTok trend involves denying something that you often do, then turning around to reveal that item or habit tucked into your pants. In Ramsay's case, he was denying that he steals other people's recipes, and then when he turned around, Jamie Oliver's cookbook was in his jeans.

"Copy of my new cookbook ONE heading your way when it's out in September then," commented Jamie Oliver. Some users took the opportunity to roast Oliver, such as Uncle Roger, who is notorious for criticizing Oliver's recipes and said, "The only place jamie Oliver cookbook should be." Others celebrated Ramsay's successful use of an internet trend, with Season 11 "MasterChef" winner Kelsey Murphy commenting, "Booty shake on point." Tilly Ramsay also posted the video on her TikTok, where it has over 17 million views and 4,000 comments.