The Bizarre Mountain Dew Deal Reddit Found At Sam's Club

While it seems like everything should be cheaper at bulk stores like Sam's Club or Costco, if you're not careful, you can actually spend more on certain items. Luckily, there are several lists out there that recommend what to buy and what to avoid.

Rotisserie chicken is a must-buy item at Sam's Club or Costco, because according to Hip 2 Save, you get more chicken for your money. Paper towels are another example of items that turn out to be slightly cheaper, which can add up to big savings over time (via Business Insider). The giant bags of coffee are always tempting, but Jeanette Pavini told the Huffington Post that it's not worth it, because you most likely won't use it before it goes stale.

When you're planning a party, grabbing soda in bulk sounds like a great idea, but according to Business Insider, you're likely to get a better deal at a regular grocery store. However, Reddit may have just proved this wrong, because one person found a crazy good deal on Mountain Dew at Sam's Club.

Mountain Dew fans appreciated the heads up, even though the label was wrong

There is an entire thread on Reddit dedicated to Mountain Dew and its nearly 30,000 members are serious about their soda (though it's not clear if any of them have ever tried 21 different flavors of the fizzy beverage like The Everywhereist). One Redditor recently posted the above photo in the thread and could not believe the deal they were seeing at Sam's Club. The portion of the sign that says "3.1 cents per each" really caught their eye and got them excited because, in theory, that should refer to the cost of each can. Like anywhere on the internet, someone had to rain on this Redditor's parade and tell them: "that's per ounce, not per can," commented @ThunderGTS.

We did the math, and this commenter is correct. The original poster then conceded that the sign must have been improperly labeled. Even though the sign was incorrect, Mountain Dew fans on the thread were still appreciative of the post. "You're not dumb. You're awesome for posting such a beautiful find," commented @xMethodz. "Still a good deal," commented another Redditor.