Costco Just Dropped A Halloween Version Of One Christmas Tradition

For many, there are a few full-of-cheer essentials for celebrating the Christmas season — a tinsel-filled tree, some conspicuously-hung mistletoe, and of course, a decorated-with-love gingerbread house. But some of these classic holiday decorations have also become a part of Halloween's spooky fun, too.

Just take a look in the Halloween aisle of retailers like Walmart and you may find that there are black and purple trees made to be decorated with pumpkins and spiders. And while bat-themed mistletoe hasn't seemed to quite catch on (yet), haunted gingerbread houses have hit the shelves of stores across the nation. We love creepy food during Halloween, so a ghoul-inspired gingerbread house seems appropriate.

After stocking up with Halloween decor like a set of spooky skeletons and frightfully-themed front lawn accessories, Costco seems to be cooking up a spine-tingling gingerbread house recipe of its own. And, according to a post made by Instagrammer @costcobuys, this phantasmic, all-chocolate gingerbread house comes complete with its very own haunts.

Costco's Halloween gingerbread house is a treat full of tricks

Fashioned after a traditional gingerbread house with a haunted-mansion twist, @costcobuys revealed in their Instagram post that Costco's Chocolate Halloween House kit includes a gingerbread graveyard filled with two gingerbread tombstones, a frightful gingerbread tree, and a bootastic gingerbread ghost. The kit has a monstrous pound of icing and candy to use to deck out the wicked gingerbread house. Keeping in the spirit of Halloween, the icing comes in green and orange and the candy consists of candy corn as well as edible eyeballs and pumpkins among other bloodcurdling treats.

Costco customers in the comment section seemed to be about ready to die of excitement over the Halloween gingerbread house. One user wrote,​​ "we need to get for the kids and us." Another user seemed to be ready to get another Costco membership just to get their hands on the decoration, posting, "still think we don't need to renew that membership?"

Currently selling at around $14, Costco's Chocolate Halloween House kits come pre-assembled. So, since shoppers will not have to worry about the gingerbread house falling apart, setting up this haunted chocolate house truly seems to be all thrill with no horrors.