33% Of People Surveyed Say This Is Their Favorite Munchkin Flavor At Dunkin'

Munchkins from Dunkin' are essentially donut holes — circular, bite-sized treats packed with all the flavor of an actual donut. However, Dunkin' was far from the first to market this idea. 

As Reader's Digest explains, you can't understand the donut hole without first digging into the history of the donut itself. Donuts were invented in the mid-19th century when the mother of a New England ship captain decided to deep fry dough. The dough was then flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, and lemon rind. Hanson, the son and aforementioned captain, made a hole through the donut with a tin pepper box, creating the very first donut hole.

According to Dunkin's website, Munchkins in particular were added to the menu in the 1970s using the same method: cutting out leftover dough from the center a regular-sized donut. The treats are wildly popular, as Dunkin' reports selling as many as 3.3 billion donut holes and donuts in a single year. With that in mind, Mashed conducted a survey to find out which type of Munchkin readers like the best.

Traditional glazed rises above

The results are in. Mashed's survey revealed that out of the 599 readers who responded, 33.06% said traditional glazed Munchkins are their favorite flavor. In second place with 28.21% of votes was glazed chocolate, followed by jelly Munchkins at 14.19% of votes. Readers' least-favorite flavor was the powdered sugar Munchkins, with only 6.01% of votes. Other choices in the poll included cinnamon at 9.02% and old-fashioned at 9.52%.

Though these were the only options included in the survey, Dunkin's is currently offering pumpkin Munchkins and glazed blueberry Munchkins as well, per its website. To go along with the pumpkin Munchkins, the brand just announced a limited-time pumpkin Munchkin coffee creamer in time for fall. It's sure to be a hit, seeing that 90 million pumpkin Munchkins were sold in 2021. But if you'd rather stick with the original glazed version, we can't say we blame you.