Redditors Are Torn Over GBBO's Treatment Of Rahul

Rahul Mandal is possibly one of the most memorable contestants on "GBBO," relatable to some viewers for his often self-deprecating personality. Yet he was witty as well. Mandal was awarded the celebratory, coveted victor's platter for Series 9 (the 2018 season) of the hit baking show as well as for the New Year's Eve 2021 special.

Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith often spoke favorably of the star contestant. Hollywood once gave the first handshake he ever doled out for a showstopper challenge, telling Mandal, "My friend, you are a little genius, aren't you?" (via Facebook). Additionally, according to Mirror, Leith once said of Mandal, "I think the amazing thing about Rahul and why I am so proud of him is that he came in unconfident, but he just kept going, he always tried to do a bit more than everybody else, and it paid off."

Despite the words about his baking prowess from the judges, things weren't always rainbows and butterflies, and Reddit is torn over "GBBO's" treatment of Mandal.

Was Rahul unfairly ridiculed for talking too much?

Reddit u/meetthewoggles took to the platform to voice their concern over Rahul Mandal's treatment on "GBBO," both on the 2018 season and later on the New Year's Eve special, claiming "they treated him rudely" when the judges would talk over Mandal, who often told extended, lengthy stories about his bakes. "When someone is talking you let them talk, don't embarrass them on tv," u/meethewoggles wrote. One reviewer on YouTube described a moment from the New Year's Eve special when Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas pretended to fall asleep in chairs to show they were unable to endure one of Mandal's long-winded stories. (The reviewer found it funny.)

Other Redditors commented on u/meetthewoggles' post, some agreeing that Mandal had indeed been treated unfairly, while others voiced their opinion that quite the opposite was true. "Regardless of whether or not it's televised it's rude and sometimes worse to belittle somebody for talking 'too much' about what they care about, joking manner or not," shared u/Bite490, while another user whose account has since been deleted shared another view, writing, "On the special I thought they were just teasing him in a good-natured way. He knows he talks a lot."