Cinnabon Has A Fun Freebie For Better Call Saul Fans

"Better Call Saul" is part of a TV dynasty. What started as a spin-off and prequel to the already popular "Breaking Bad" has now become an empire of its own, so much so that AV Club calls it "one of the best shows going." And, there are few collabs more fitting than that of "Better Call Saul" and a good 'ol cinnamon bun from Cinnabon — but that was not the show's initial intention. The show, which began in 2015, was not drawn in by Cinnabon's usual attraction via scent, but rather, as Fast Company explains, once used a throwaway line that sparked something bigger than they ever imagined. 

Cinnabon heard the line and managed to turn it into a partnership that then transitioned into a major plot point for one of the show's main characters. The team's quick reaction at the mention of their chain has managed to secure its place in the show's canon, becoming a long-standing partner through to the very last episode. And, to celebrate the end of an era, Cinnabon and the show have collaborated for one final hoorah.

Saul Goodman's sweet sendoff

This is not the first time Cinnabon has worked with a popular show to create a wow-worthy moment. Last year, when "The Bachelor" started airing again, they worked with the show to create a special Fantasy Sweet Bundle, including a combo of Cinnamon Roll Flavored Cold Brews and the Cinnamon Rolls themselves, according to a January 2022 press release. And, now "Better Call Saul" fans can enjoy a similar treatment.

But, one can argue this offer is even sweeter. On Monday, August 15th, 2022, thanks to Cinnabon, fans of the show will be able to bid Saul a sweet farewell in the form of a buy one get one free "Center of the Roll" offer, according to Food Beast. The offer is good for any customers who are registered with Cinnabon's rewards program and are told to use the code CALLSAUL on the company app to snag the deal.

And, according to Yahoo News, there's also another perk coming on the heels of this show leaving, a free AMC+ 30-day trial using the same code. So fans can binge the show from start to finish with a themed snack in hand.