What You Probably Didn't Know About Costco's Price Match Policy

Given recent inflation, everyone is looking for the best deals on everyday items like groceries and household supplies. Businesses like Costco understand this and offer their members discounted rates by selling items in bulk. Consumers appreciate that they benefit from buying in bulk at lower price points. But, what happens when another store offers the same thing for less?

According to U.S. News & World Report, price matching is a policy where a store will match a competitor's lower price for the same item. Price matching is a way many companies like Costco can retain their consumer base by allowing them to grab the things they desire from the store they love.

Sometimes Costco's deals are so good that other department stores like Target and Staples opt to match Costco's prices to be competitive (via Apartment Therapy). And, while Costco is willing to match some prices, it appears there is one major exception to the rule that surprises Reddit users.

What do you mean they're not the same?

It turns out there is one place Costco will not price match, according to a Reddit thread. One user posted about wanting to buy a new window air conditioner store, but the price in Costco was $229, and the price online was $189. Understandably, the user wanted to pay the online price and asked them to match the price. However, the store refused.

Why would they not honor their online price? Reddit userĀ CostcoSampleBoy, a self-professed employee of Costco responded, "The online "store" has its own buyers and sales separate from brick-and-mortar stores. Essentially they may have higher prices because they can't buy at the same level as our stores can, which means the 12% markup will have a higher effect."

While this may inconvenience consumers, one policy applies to online and in-store purchases. According to another user, "Only thing they share is you can return items purchased online in warehouse." Therefore, if you are able to wait, it will behoove you to buy the item online if it's cheaper otherwise you'll be paying a higher price.