The Funny Reason Mattel Is Suing A Chip Brand

Nothing is fair game when it comes to using trademarked material, and everyone's favorite doll — Barbie, of course — is at the center of the latest trademark violation scandal. The New York Daily News reports that Mattel, Inc., Barbie's parent company, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against the food company Rap Snacks for using its branding on packages of new Nicki Minaj Barbie-Que Honey Truffle Potato Chips, which features lettering similar to the Barbie logo and a graphic of Minaj wearing a Barbie logo necklace on the front. (Minaj has described herself as Barbie-like, and has multiple songs that reference Barbie.)

When Rap Snacks first released the Nicki Minaj Barbie-Que Honey Truffle Potato Chips, the company took to Instagram to call the collaboration the "biggest brand partnership we've done since 2016." Instagrammers took to the comments to share their excitement, and it seems with such enthusiasm, they will most likely miss the potato chips if they have to stop being sold. "This is the best news ever," wrote @otmroom while @norfolkmaraj chimed in, "MY QUEEN IS QUEENING AGAIN."

Mattel wants Rap Snacks to stop using Barbie

According to the New York Daily News, Mattel's argument for filing a lawsuit against Rap Snacks is that not only did the company not obtain permission to use the trademarked material and is declining to cease using it, but doing so conflicts with the company's own brand of Barbie snacks. Mattel is hoping the court requires Rap Snacks to stop using the images for its Nicki Minaj chip collaboration, and is also filing for "unspecified damages" as well as money acquired through chip sales.

Rap Snacks has collaborated with other music stars in the past to create flavors of chips centered around their personas, such as Rick Ross Sweet Chili Lemon Pepper Potato Chips, Notorious B.I.G. Honey Jalapeño Potato Chips, and Lil Yachty's Hot Cheese Fries. There's even a line of ramen noodles dedicated to well-known rappers like Boosie and Master P.

According to Music Times, as of August 13, neither Mattel nor Rap Snacks had made a statement regarding the lawsuit. The Daily News has also clarified that Minaj is not listed as a defendant in the case.