The YouTuber Who Makes Sandwiches Inspired By Movies

If you ask anyone what they're passionate about, it wouldn't be too surprising if they mentioned their fondness for food and/or movies. The two often go hand in hand, too. Some of the most iconic film scenes in modern history involve food: the giant chocolate cake in "Matilda," the candy-infused spaghetti in "Elf" (per Bustle), the Big Kahuna burger in "Pulp Fiction," Bluto's overcrowded cafeteria tray in "Animal House," and Liz's Neapolitan pizza margherita in "Eat, Pray, Love," just to name a few (via Le Cordon Bleu).

Both on and off screen, food has the power to heighten the senses and connect audiences. And sometimes, a good movie can simply entice us to prepare tasty meals and take us on a whole gastronomic-cinematic journey. No, we're not talking about microwaving a bowl of popcorn (even though that does sound awesome). One YouTuber named Paul Dhillon combines his love of the culinary arts and film via delicious recipes that call for ingredients inspired by key elements and characters of critically acclaimed motion pictures.

The Cinema & Sandwiches YouTube channel fuels both hunger and movie fascination

Over the years, social media has become a haven for all types of creators, including users who like to show off their cooking skills (per The Guardian). Influencers and professional chefs alike leverage these community platforms to share step-by-step tutorials, special techniques, reviews, and other forms of content. Cinema & Sandwiches is a new YouTube channel with videos that integrate some of the most famous films of all time and — you guessed it — sandwiches.

While this may sound perplexing, the concept is actually pretty simple. As Dhillon explains, he "deconstructs movies and then reassembles them in the form of delicious sandwiches." The Top Gun: Maverick Ham and Cheese, for example, stems from the American classic, using ingredients that symbolize the nostalgia-inducing '80s icon. The Inception Sandwich is a massive handheld meal that involves layers (or perhaps levels) of ingredients to pay homage to the 2010 sci-fi blockbuster's dream-within-a-dream plot. And then, of course, there's The Godfather Meatball Sub, which is made with Italian cuisine-inspired ingredients that represent the motley Corleone family.

Currently, the Cinema & Sandwiches YouTube channel only has a handful of recipe videos, but subscribers hopefully won't have to wait too long to see what sammies the movie buff whips up next.