Why Rachael Ray Said Goodbye To An Iconic Recurring Guest

Rachael Ray is known for her simple recipes intended for working cooks who can't devote their lives to crafting culinary delights in the kitchen. She's also known for her iconic guests. Throughout her career as a Food Network host, Ray has hosted shows with some of the most memorable names in movies, television, cooking, music, and sports, while whipping up everything from meatloaf to watermelon pizza.

Though Ray is a household name, there are some who just can take a liking to her, and many times the TV chef has been publicly dissed by some of her celebrity peers. Anthony Bourdain famously said, via Newsweek, that her recommending Dunkin' Donuts was "like endorsing crack for kids," and her relationship with Emeril Lagasse was always rocky.

In spite of her tendency to rub some people the wrong way, Ray also has a knack for making tough relationships work. Thrillist reports that it took nothing more than a fruit basket to mollify the outspoken Bourdain. These days, when a guest refuses to appear on "The Rachael Ray Show," it might not be her personality that drives them away.

Why Kyan Douglas will no longer be appearing on Rachael Ray's show

Kyan Douglas darkened the doorway of the "The Rachael Ray Show" a whopping 115 times, so says the show's website. For those who don't know the name, Douglas spent four years as the grooming maven on the show "Queer Eye." Though, in fact, he's been on Ray's show more times than he even appeared on "Queer Eye," which might make him an official TV cook's assistant. Sadly, 115 was his limit, as Douglas announced that he will be abandoning television altogether, which is why he will no longer be spreading joy, and recipes, through everyone's favorite glowing box.

"I am retiring from the television business at last," Douglas said (via People). "I just feel ready to move on to something else. I don't know what that is yet, but things come to an end, and the universe will fill a void. It's time to step away and see what's next for me."

Though many people in the celebrity sphere have attacked Rachael, Douglas had nothing but glowing things to say about her. He thanked her for allowing him to spend time with his dying mother, and for the many opportunities, he gained from appearing on her show. While he will be missed, it promises to be a thrill to see where the grooming guru will go next. It's almost certain to be fabulous.