The Returning Cheese Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over

Countless Trader Joe's items seem to appear for only a short while before they are pulled off shelves to be replaced with another new and tasty product. But sometimes, much like Christmas and Halloween and every other joyous holiday, fan-favorite goodies can pop up again. And according to TikToker @kelseyfoodreview's post, a beloved and recently debuted Trader Joe's item is now back in stock at the popular grocery store chain.

Last year, customers were eager to slice into a new cheesy edition of Trader Joe's food selction. And the product that had so many obsessed? Trader Joe's Garlic Bread Cheese. According to the store's website, the savory treat is patterned after the delectable dish that most Americans can't get enough of — garlic bread. The snack time favorite, which is a bread cheese best served warm (per She Knows), brought joy to many Trader Joe's fans during the brief time it was available. And now Trader Joe's customers are losing it over Garlic Bread Cheese's comeback.

Trader Joe's Garlic Bread Cheese is back for a limited time

Garlic Cheese Bread undoubtedly sounds like the perfect way to take your garlic bread game up a notch. But why are Trader Joe's shoppers in such an uproar over the product? One part of the cheese's popularity has to do with its taste.

When @kelseyfoodreview took viewers through the process of air frying the delectable garlic bread-inspired cheese on TikTok, she gave her thoughts on its overall flavor. As she placed her freshly fried Garlic Bread Cheese slices on top of a few pieces of bread, the TikToker revealed that the cheese "turned out so crispy and delicious." Other users' in the comment section also attested to the product's taste. One Trader Joe's shopper stated, "Honestly, I thought it could be more garlicky but otherwise I LOVED IT."

Another reason why Trader Joe's shoppers seem to adore the Garlic Bread Cheese so much seems to be because customers can devour the product in a variety of different ways. One commenter offered up a particularly sweet suggestion for how to dine on the cheese, writing, "This with fresh raspberries and hot honey.... Chefs kiss." So according to Trader Joe's fans, Garlic Bread Cheese's flavor and versatility have been the main factors fueling shoppers' love for the returned product. However, despite its large following, Trader Joe's website indicates that Garlic Bread Cheese will only be back for a limited time.