Rachel Recchia's Favorite Bachelorette Group Date Was All About Cheese

If you are a fan of "The Bachelorette," then you're likely watching this historical season full of world travels and dates full of different European city's cultures. This season not only has two Bachelorettes spearheading this experience but they are also spending their time on a cruise instead of in hotels like they usually do. This means more world travel, more cultures to experience, and, of course, double the drama.

This week's episode of "The Bachelorette" is no different than the rest. And while we may wonder why we don't see "The Bachelor" contestants eating on their dates, we aren't thinking that of this season's "The Bachelorette." 

Rachel Recchia, one of the two Bachelorettes this season, decided to take four of her suitors on one of the most fascinating dates we have seen in a while. However, for cheese lovers like Rachel, this date is definitely of special interest. A European country, four attractive suitors, and cheese. What else could a Bachelorette ask for?

Four men and a lot of cheese

In a clip from Monday night's episode, Rachel goes on a group date with four contestants trying to win her love; Tino, Tyler, Ethan, and Aven (via People). The men had the opportunity to go to Edam in The Netherlands, also known as the cheese capital of the world. While there, the group got to experience the historical cheese market. We got to see Rachel and her men eating some cheese, reveling in the scenery, and watching the cheese market reenactment. Some of the men seemed weary of the date since it was full of European cheese and cheese-related activities, but they did it for Rachel. "Got pretty cheesy today. I'm lactose intolerant but Rachel loves cheese so therefore I love cheese," Ethan shared.

Rachel, however, loved the date, which included volunteering the four men for a competition to be the strongest man in Edam. This included the men taking their shirts off and lifting a total of eight wheels of Edam cheese on their backs. "This is definitely my favorite group date so far. I want a strong man and I have four today," the Bachelorette commented. Fan-favorite Tino wasn't stoked about being surrounded by cheese all day but went with it because Rachel was in her happy place — full of cheese. "Rachel is worth any task. If I have to smell like cheese the rest of the day I'm willing to do it," Tino said (per People).