Why A GBBO Favorite Wanted To Bake Fans 'Confession Cakes'

On August 3, Crystelle Pereira, a finalist from "The Great British Bake Off" Season 12, took on a baking challenge of a different kind. The baker partnered with Dark Maltesers, a chocolate malt candy popular in the U.K., for a pop-up at Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington, London. At the pop-up, Pereira presented customers with free — that's right, free — "confession cakes." 

Each of the chocolate and cardamom cakes was crafted according to Pereira's recipe and contained a message piped on the top that celebrated the spirit of honesty and, as Pereira said, encouraged "showing emotions through baking but in an authentic and honest way."

Some of the messages piped onto the cakes included "I'm late because I left late," "Why haven't you messaged me back?" and "I watched an episode without you," among others, all of which encouraged cake lovers to "feed [their] dark side" (via Instagram). Maltesers' Senior Brand Manager Clare Moulder stated that although it may feel easier to hide one's emotions, "it feels much better to just be honest, which is why we're helping the nation embrace their dark side and finally say what they're really thinking" (via The Irish News).

Big, chocolatey confessions

Fans took to Crystelle Pereira's Instagram post about the event to share their excitement about sharing their deep, dark secrets — oh, and about free cake, of course. 

"Wow these cakes look delicious," commented user @harryhunt3381. And Instagrammer @rochica_ chimed in by sharing how mouthwatering they found the idea of the new Dark Maltesers candy, writing, "I need to try them!" User @trixxiezn had their own comical idea for a message to write on a cake, suggesting one of the choices might be "'I dated your ex when he wasn't your ex,'" which garnered a reply from Pereira, who wrote "oh DEARY ME" in response.

If you missed the event and are still interested in purchasing one of the chocolate and cardamom cakes inspired by Dark Maltesers and made according to Pereira's recipe, worry not. They'll be on the Hummingbird Bakery menu until the end of August, per The Irish News.