The Aldi Chocolate Chips Reddit Swears Are Better Than Hershey's

It's easy enough to say that Aldi sells a lot of foods you need to try before you die. Considering how much hype the affordable supermarket chain gets, that much is a given. But how are you supposed to know which products are most worth your time and which you should skip? Well, the internet, of course!

Per Buzzfeed, some of Aldi's best products include Mama Cozzi's Take and Bake pizzas, Friendly Farms whipped toppings, and Benton's cookies. Insider, on the other hand, highly recommends the "Red Bag Chicken," L'oven everything bagel thins, and any of Aldi's premade desserts.

However, many people say you should get all of your baking essentials at Aldi because the products are more budget-friendly but taste just as good — if not better — than big-name brands. One such baking ingredient, chocolate chips, recently went viral on Reddit for being an excellent dupe for Hershey and Nestlé Toll House chocolate chips.

Reddit is sweet on Aldi's Baker's Corner chocolate chips

The Aldi subreddit went nuts after one shopper asked how Baker's Corner milk chocolate chips compare to big name brands. Most Redditors said they love Aldi's chocolate chips, with only a few commenters saying they didn't have a preference.

One Redditor claimed that they buy Baker's Corner chocolate chips "exclusively," even going so far as to say the chocolate chips taste better than Hershey's and that the cookie recipe on the package is better than Toll House's recipe. Another Reddit user agreed that Baker's Corner chocolate chips are better than Toll House but not as good as Ghirardelli. Still, another commenter said that the chocolate chips were "one of Aldi's strengths."

Several others mentioned that they use Baker's Corner chocolate chips in countless recipes, from banana bread to waffles, cookies, granola, or even just for snacking. One person suggested the chocolate chips for a s'mores trail mix. Seems to us Reddit is saying that if you add these chocolate chips to the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, you're in for a real treat. The sweet morsels sound like just the thing to pick up if you find yourself going on an Aldi date (per MyLondon).