What Happened To Goverre After Shark Tank?

Season after season, "Shark Tank" introduces the world to dozens of eager entrepreneurs. The show gives these hopefuls a chance to share their products with a panel of business titans who may or may not choose to invest in the pitched (and sometimes pitchy) products. For the investors, the show draws from a stable of bigwigs that includes "QVC queen" Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and Kevin O'Leary (as per All Shark Tank Products). Every episode features five judges from this group and the investors are often joined by a guest investor. Past guests have included former Hell's Angel and current billionaire John Paul Dejoria, pro athlete A-Rod, and former "Shark Tank" contestant and current billionaire Jamie Siminoff, the only contestant so far to make the switch from fledgling entrepreneur to return as a full-fledged shark on the program.

So, as we gear up for the September 23 season premiere, it's time to look back at what 13 seasons of "Shark Tank" have brought us so far. We are sure many viewers are wondering what happened to Souper Cubes after their stint on "Shark Tank." Sometimes a product is so clever you can't believe you didn't think of it yourself, and other times it's no surprise when the sharks don't bite. Let's take a look back at season eight's Goverre wine glasses and see how they fared since leaving the tank.

Goverre is an adult sippy cup

Goverre appeared on season eight of "Shark Tank" in 2017 (via All Shark Tank Products). The product that entrepreneurs Regan Kehlaher and Shannon Zappala brought to the table was a portable wine glass, or, an adult sippy cup. These outdoor-friendly glasses might be perfect for busting out the 20 wines you'll crave this summer. What sets this portable wine glass apart is that it's made from real glass, so it doesn't alter the wine's flavor the way that plastic or stainless steel would. The Goverre glass is made of double-thick soda-lime glass wrapped in a removable textured silicone sleeve for grip and stability and has a spill-proof sippy-cup lid for easy sipping (per Shark Tank Recap). The glasses themselves are white and the sleeves come in a range of bright, candy colors. The Goverre also holds 17 ounces of wine, or slightly more than three glasses (per SELF).

Before "Shark Tank," Kehlaher and Zappala had raised $63,457 through a 2014 Kickstarter to get their brand off the ground (per Shark Tank Blog). They used that initial capital to perfect their prototype and for their first production run. The duo came to the sharks seeking assistance in increasing their production and retail scope. They sought $200,000 for 13% equity. In the end, their small company set off a bidding war and they walked away with a deal from sharks Greiner, Cuban, and Herjavec for 33.3% equity in exchange for the $200,000 the duo wanted.

Where are they now?

It seems that Goverre is still going strong after five years. According to Lori Greiner's website, the company had racked up $4.6 million in sales by 2019. The brand has branched out into champagne flutes and cocktail glasses, perfect for sipping easy summer cocktails out in the sunshine without worrying about anyone dropping, chipping, or otherwise encountering cocktail glass disasters (via Goverre). Creators Regan Kehlaher and Shannon Zappala have even branched out most recently into charcuterie boards for outdoor entertaining. The dishwasher-safe boards come with curving delineations that aim to make prepping your board a cinch and are made of super durable melamine.

Per the Goverre website, you can purchase all these products along with the original Goverre wine glasses (now available in 10 colors) from the brand's website, Amazon, some small gift shops, wine and spirit stores, and cheese shops throughout the U.S. and Canada. Of course, the company did gain a little traction with the "Oprah Effect" when Oprah.com shouted them out in 2016 calling them "the classiest sippy cups ever."