The Horrifying Item One Woman Found In Her Subway Meal

Inedible items have been known to find their way into our food — and we're not talking about the toys you get in happy meals. In 2015, a man in Japan discovered his McDonald's fries came with a bit of extra crunch in the form of a tooth (per Business Insider). And last year a TikToker posted a video of themselves pulling a rubber band out of their Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But while finding these items in your soon-to-be eats is sure to make anyone's stomachs turn, one woman discovered something in her Subway take-out that wasn't just disgusting but downright dangerous, too.

On August 7, Nerice Moyse posted a video of what should have been a run-of-the-mill Subway sandwich to her Facebook page. And at first glance, nothing looks out of the ordinary. But as Moyse begins to pick up one part of her sandwich, a blade comes into view. And once she lifts the second part of her sub to the side, viewers can clearly see that Moyse's meal came with a Subway knife sitting underneath it.

An addition you'd never want to find in your meal

Nerice Moyse told The Sun that it took her and her partner only a few moments after opening the Subway sandwich to know something was amiss. Moyse reported the two were in disbelief when they realized that there was a knife at the bottom of her take-out.

Subway reached out to Moyse through Instagram. The fast food chain told Moyse she'd receive a formal response from the company in three days and that Subway was already speaking with the Gorleston High Street location's staff — which is the UK-based Subway Moyse purchased the sandwich from. According to LADbible, however, the store that prepared the sub for Moyse has attempted to reach her four times since she discovered the knife. Subway also stated an apology has been issued to Moyse and that the business is currently in the process of bringing closure to the incident.

Despite the chain's efforts, it seems leaving knives in sandwiches is a common Subway mistake. In 2015, CBS revealed that a man found a knife inside his Subway sandwich bread. And the Daily Mail reported that another customer discovered one of Subway's knives in his sandwich order just this year. So it seems Subway lovers may need to be wary of what exactly came with their meal before they dig into their Black Forest Ham sub.