The Burger Challenge That Might Leave You Gasping For Breath

You've probably seen food challenges in restaurants before. These challenges usually consist of being able to eat an absurdly large amount of food within a given time limit in exchange for a free meal and either a t-shirt or your photo hung on the wall. It's something you would never do unless you were very hungry and very bold. But some truly impressive challenges must be seen to be believed, alongside the idea that someone could rise to the challenge and win.

If you're in New Jersey, you and your friends could swing by Clinton Station Diner and try one of their many burger challenges, such as the "Mount Olympus" challenge that pits you and your pals against 50 pounds of beef in exchange for a free meal and $1,000. If you're in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, and feeling kind of peckish, you can visit Denny's Beer Barrel Pub and order the "Ye Olde 96er," a 6-pound cheeseburger that promises a great reward if you can conquer it in three hours or less. While these challenges certainly can be won, it would take an extremely empty stomach and plenty of willpower to overcome these beefy behemoths.

In San Antonio, Texas, a burger restaurant named Chunky's offers customers a simple challenge: Finish a burger in 25 minutes and win great fame. That doesn't seem so bad — what's the catch, you may ask?

What does the Four Horseman challenge entail?

The burger itself isn't anything monstrous or gigantic, so it's not the size that will get you. It's what's on it that'll leave you begging for mercy — so much that you have to sign a waiver for it, per Chunky's Burgers & More.

Chunky's Four Horsemen burger is topped with four peppers: jalapeño and serrano peppers, a spicy habanero sauce, and the dreaded Jolokia pepper. The Jolokia pepper is also known as the "ghost pepper," which, according to PepperScale, is about 855,000 to 1,041,427 SHU. In comparison, a jalapeño pepper is about 2,500 to 8,000 SHU (via MasterClass), putting the ghost pepper on a higher and hotter level than a jalapeño. Needless to say, consuming all those peppers in under 25 minutes isn't going to be a cakewalk. Even Adam Richman from "Man v. Food" conquered the challenge to say, "I was elated to finish the burger, not just because I finished the burger — but because I was still alive (via YouTube).

You're also not allowed bathroom breaks or spitting, the official rules state on the restaurant's website. Once you're in that booth, you're in it for the long run. While a "clean-up bucket" is provided, you'll have to pay a $20 clean-up fee should you miss it. According to Wide Open Country, some have braved the burger and completed the challenge, but it's certainly not for the faint of heart.