Why An Avocado Hack Is Causing An Uproar On TikTok

Avocado toast is synonymous with brunch culture. It has become an instant classic despite only coming into popularity in the 2010s. Made with just some smashed avocados, a few spices, a sturdy slice of bread, and maybe a runny egg if you're feeling fancy, it's a simple brunch fare staple. The price of avocado toast at restaurants doesn't always reflect the simplicity of the dish, though. When factoring in the labor and utility costs that go into running a restaurant, plus the varying degrees of ingredient quality, avocado toast can suddenly cost double digits despite being a fraction of the price to make at home (via LinkedIn).

One avocado toast aficionado took to TikTok to share a trick that she uses to circumvent the restaurant-grade prices of the popular brunch dish. While this tip could be seen as a useful money-saving hack, many people on TikTok did not see it that way.

The avocado altercation

In a video captioned "BYO avo, thank me [later]," an avocado toast hacker shares that she always brings her own avocado to a nearby restaurant and constructs her own avocado toast. She adds that this helps her avoid paying full price for the avocado toast listed on the menu. The justification for not wanting to pay for the dish is that the restaurant owner is "pretty rude and mean."

The user welcomes audience opinions on the tip by asking, "anyone else do this?!" Other users did not hold back their feelings. One commenter declared, "There's a big difference between being savvy and cheap. Eat at [home] if you've an issue paying café or restaurant prices." Many others agreed, leaving similar comments and suggesting that the avocado toast hacker just eat at home instead. Another user pointed out the importance of supporting local businesses, especially following many pandemic-related closures in the hospitality industry. If you're of the mind that avocado toast is best enjoyed at home or by your own making, you may want to check out this avocado toast recipe. And don't forget this unexpected ingredient you should add to your dish.