The Wendy's Item Reddit Is Comparing To Pepto-Bismol

Wendy's most popular menu items include the Baconator cheeseburger, french fries, and — of course — the Frosty. Let's be real, did you even go to Wendy's if you didn't order a Frosty alongside your burger and fries?

Wendy's famous Frosty has been around since Wendy's opened in 1969, although in the early days it was only available in the chocolate flavor. According to Reader's Digest, Wendy's added the Vanilla Frosty in 2006. Briefly, in 2019, the fast food chain also offered a Birthday Cake Frosty to celebrate its 50th anniversary (via Thrillist).

However, when Wendy's gave fans a spoonful of its highly anticipated summer Frosty earlier in 2022, not everyone was on board with the new flavor. In fact, many people were upset about the Strawberry Frosty replacing the Vanilla Frosty, even just for a short time. Others, particularly on Reddit, made it quite clear what they thought about the brand's latest fruity frozen treat.

Reddit is not fond of Wendy's Strawberry Frosty

Two months into the Strawberry Frost staking its place on Wendy's menu, a Reddit user asked, "Why y'all replace vanilla Frostys with Pepto Bismol?" If that's how some customers are interpreting the summery flavor, that is indeed a very good question. After all, who wants to drink liquified pink chalk? Well, a few people, apparently, but they compared the Frosty's taste to Nesquik strawberry milk. Meanwhile, a review of the dessert drink for MassLive noted that it "pops with a nice rosy tang of strawberry flavor."

The Redditors who commented on the post seemed to be very familiar with and tired of complaints about Wendy's Strawberry Frosty. One person wrote, "To inconvenience you and you specifically." Another said, "Vanilla will return next month. Settle down."

Those who work at Wendy's commented that they had been yelled at by countless customers for not having the Vanilla Frosty, as if that was their fault. A few others wrote that their Wendy's has an extra Frosty machine, so they are selling all three flavors.