TikTok Is Clowning On A Group Of Customers For Their Silly Complaint

In a survey of 1,000 people done by Consumer Reports about the most common restaurant complaints, the top gripes are dirty utensils and tables, dirty restrooms, rude servers, slow service, and drinks and food not being the desired temperature. These could all be signs you are in a bad restaurant. As far as slow service goes, your satisfaction with the length of time you spend waiting for your food depends on a lot of factors, such as each customer's patience level, how busy the restaurant is, how many servers are working that shift, and more.

But, how long is too long to wait for your food? Post and Courier says between 24 and 34 minutes is about the limit before customers start getting upset. However, among all the top restaurant complaints by customers, having your food come out too quickly is not on the list. Normally you'd be ecstatic about your food arriving sooner than expected. However, one server dealt with some customers who had quite the opposite reaction.

Customers complained their food came out too soon

One TikToker posted a video of herself and her coworker with a text caption that said, "Imagine ordering food and sending it back because it came out too fast." In the video, she explains she had a table that wanted to have their drinks before eating so she waited for 10 minutes after they received their drinks to bring in their food. Her coworker ran the food to the table, where the customers claimed they never even ordered and actually wanted their food after their second round of drinks. She returned their food to the kitchen and had to heat it back up in the microwave. Both the poster and her coworker were frustrated and confused over the experience.

Several commenters supported the TikToker and expressed their annoyance with the situation, saying, "All customer service workers are mind readers right??" and "[C]ustomer[s] just assume we know exactly what they want."

Many people in the comments voiced their own serving experiences, writing, "I had someone make me hold their food till they finished their drinks. Then [they] were mad it was cold" and "I've had someone make like a huge deal about that[,] so ridiculous like I'm sorry you're mad because you got your food hot and fresh???"