Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Ree Drummond's Egg ASMR

Some say that eggs make the best pets because of how quiet they are. Full of nutrition and probably more highly recommended as a source of selenium than your average pet (according to Healthline), the humble egg is often overlooked by those in the market for a new domestic pal, who opt instead for the larger, louder (and possibly overrated) dog or cat. Granted, goldfish are widely known as quiet pets; but between feeding and tank cleaning, the silent swimmers require far more maintenance than even the fanciest of egg, putting the egg right back in the number one spot for pet-lovers seeking a quiet companion.

Of course, all eggs are different, and some are not as quiet as one might hope. Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond didn't exactly get the silent, well-behaved eggs she might have been shopping for recently, but, as the saying goes, when the world hands you loud eggs, make an ASMR video for Instagram.

ASMR, or "autonomous sensory meridian response," really (quietly) sank its teeth into popular culture back in 2018, according to Vox. The term describes the pleasant, relaxing, or tingly sensations that some people experience when they watch a video with soft sounds and simple activities, such as whispering or rubbing sponges together. Social media influencer Emily Mariko has a TikTok following in the millions (via The Cut) due to her ASMR videos: wordless clips of her unpacking, storing, and preparing food. And what do Mariko and Drummond have in common? Easy: noisy food.

Noisy pets, tasty treats

The Pioneer Woman counts herself among Emily Mariko's millions of fans and has even shared videos inspired by Mariko in the past, like Drummond's wordless ASMR video of pancake prep. This time around, Mariko isn't tagged in the video — there is nothing more than a frying pan emoji and heart-eyes in the caption — but surely Drummond's Instagram post would make any ASMR social media lifestyle influencer proud. (If you've time-traveled here from any time before 2010, that sentence isn't going to make a whole lot of sense to you.) The video consists only of three eggs, sunny-side up and crackling merrily in a cast iron bubbling with hot oil. "The sound is perfection," gushes one user in the comments, who obviously isn't looking for a quiet egg companion. And while Drummond's eggs are too noisy to be the perfect pet, they certainly do look delicious.

Other commenters were equally aurally besotted. "All stoves and cutting boards should have a microphone," proposed one particularly ambitious follower, while another commented, "That should be added to the selections on a sleep/calming app!" And while there was a bit of back-and-forth about the subject of such merry crackling (Drummond was frying her eggs in bacon fat, apparently, much to the chagrin of some health-forward commenters), no one could argue that the sights and sounds weren't incredibly pleasing. "Can watch hours eggs frying," one follower sighed contentedly. Stick that post on a loop and lull yourself to sleep tonight, egg fans.