Nearly 27% Of People Say This Is The Best McDonald's Dipping Sauce

Every major fast food chain has that one dipping sauce it's known for. Chick-fil-A has its own namesake sauce, Arby's has its Horsey sauce, Whataburger has its spicy ketchup, and Raising Cane's has its signature Cane's sauce. The most famous dipping sauce from McDonald's is its Szechuan sauce, which was originally created as a promotional sauce for the Disney movie "Mulan." Szechuan sauce was later brought back due to the show "Rick and Morty" which reignited interest in the sauce (per Eat This, Not That!).

McDonald's has its history of sadly discontinued sauces, with Sweet Chili, Teriyaki, and Chipotle BBQ remaining figments of the past (per Delish). As of today, McDonald's currently has six dipping sauces, four condiments, and of course, its Big Mac sauce on its U.S. menu. Moreover, McDonald's sometimes offers condiments that are exclusive to its app or depend on location. Mashed recently conducted a survey to find out what is considered the best McDonald's dipping sauce for Chicken McNuggets.

Honey mustard is the supreme McDonald's dipping sauce

A survey carried out by Mashed revealed the best dipping sauce at McDonald's. Of the 599 total responses, Honey Mustard is the definitive winner with 26.88% of votes. Tangy Barbecue secures its place in second with 20.87% of votes, just a hair above Sweet 'N Sour, which has 20.37% of votes. Creamy Ranch comes in fourth place with 15.03% of votes, and Spicy Buffalo has 11.02% of votes. Rounding out the list in last place is Honey with 5.84% of votes.

Pairing crispy, savory McNuggets with sweet honey mustard is a classic combination, but honey mustard has actually been enjoyed for centuries. According to Spiceography, Ancient Egyptians may have created the classic pairing, and a recipe for honey mustard was found in a Roman cookbook from the 4th or 5th century. Another honey mustard recipe was found in an Arabic cookbook from the 13th century. In the 1970s, an LA-based restaurant was offering a honey mustard salad dressing that was deemed a "gourmet novelty" (via Spiceography). While honey mustard is nowhere near uncommon nowadays, it's still a classic condiment that many enjoy.