The Dollar Tree Dinnerware That Has Shoppers' Stamp Of Approval

It's that time of year: Some people are daydreaming about sending their kids back to school and gaining some measure of peace and quiet around the house, for a few hours, at least. Others are having thoughts of all things pumpkin spice and heading out to orchards to pick apples. The rest of us, meanwhile, are still living for picnics, trips to the beach or pool, and visits from the ice cream truck (they still exist, right?) — and squeezing every last day, hour, minute, and second out of summer.

Depending on where you live, summer can be scorching hot, and it's always nice to escape to the air-conditioned comfort of movie theaters, supermarkets, and dollar stores — because who doesn't like a bargain, any time of year? While teachers are stocking up on affordable classroom supplies at Dollar Tree and coming up with cool "hacks” to make learning fun, scoot over to the dinnerware department and check out the hot summer merch.

Dollar Tree dinnerware is the life of the Tropical Party

Dollar Tree is a great place to load your shopping cart with seasonal summer items (like beach balls and pails) as well as stuff that's designed more for the long haul, like dinnerware and kitchenware (per MoneyCrashers). Although some people evidently claim that Dollar Tree might be losing its "dollar store" status, the store chain includes a variety of popular products. 

The deep discount chain that some now call jokingly call Dollar 25 Tree made room on its shelves for a lineup of Melamine (plastic) dinnerware sets with all the summer feels. There are vibrantly colored plates, bowls, trays, serving bowls, and fabric napkins in a variety of themes, including lemons and peaches; pineapples; watermelons and strawberries; and leaves and birds. They scream pool party, backyard barbecue, and luau. "Our Tropical Party dinnerware is giving off all the summer vibes,” Dollar Tree said in an Instagram post. "Which dinnerware set is your favorite?”

"Oh boy! I'd HAVE to get the watermelon theme AND the citrus theme because they both are really bright, colorful, and fun for a summer theme!,” said one Instagram user. "Loving the pineapple and watermelon (print),” said another. "So cute,” added another user, pretty much summing things up.