The Energy Drink Pumpkin Spice Fans Need To Know About

While plenty of Americans may rush off to order an iced latte from a coffee chain when they are in need of some caffeinated energy, there may be just as many people across the U.S. in the habit of popping open a cool energy drink. But although energy drinks' popularity is on par with coffee, coffee does have one thing going for it that energy drinks don't – and that's pumpkin spice.

Fall coffee lovers have long thrown back pumpkin spice lattes galore from Starbucks and elsewhere while autumn-adoring energy drink fans have been forced to sip on pumpkin-spiceless drinks during their favorite season. However, as of now, the energy drink-infatuated will no longer have to bitterly be resigned to not having the option of a pumpkin spice energy drink.

Yerbaé, a brand whose sparkling water baffled Costco shoppers last year by claiming to be plant-based, is once again causing a stir, this time by launching a new pumpkin spice product. Nineteen years after the first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte took America by storm in 2003 (per Ad Week), Yerbaé announced in a press release that it has created the first pumpkin spice flavored energy drink.

What you need to know about Yerbaé's Pumpkin Spice

Yerbaé's Pumpkin Spice is billed in the press release as the first energy drink of its kind and is meant to be a health-conscious way for fall lovers to enjoy pumpkin spice. The calorie-free energy drink has no sugar in its ingredients list and features "nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger flavor." Yerbaé's Pumpkin Spice also draws its caffeine from the plant yerba mate, which the company claims is a natural energy source. Yerbaé was also sure to announce the product on Instagram. People expressed their excitement about the new beverage in the comments section. Usersarahedamame wrote, "OMG STOP IM SO PUMPED." And bambamborghini posted, ​​"Okay I changed my mind, i do like pumpkin spice."

According to the press release, avid fall fans can currently pre-order a set of four 16-ounce Yerbaé's Pumpkin Spice cans on the brand's website, where they sell for around $15. The pumpkin-flavored energy drink won't officially launch until September 5 and will only be sold by Amazon and certain South California Costco locations. This isn't the only non-latte twist on the pumpkin spice phenomena. Fall will also get a taste of divisiveness in the form of Cup Noodle's controversial pumpkin spice ramen when it returns to stores this October.