The Dish Bobby Flay's Daughter Begged Him To Never Make Ever Again

Bobby Flay and his daughter are joining forces yet again for their new Food Network show, "Bobby and Sophie on the Coast." The duo already hosts a food-centric podcast called Always Hungry, where they discuss foods they love to eat and cook. Though they have different culinary skill levels, it's no denying the father-daughter pair love to eat and drink.

Sophie Flay is no stranger to joining her dad in his culinary adventures. She's co-hosted episodes of "Beat Bobby Flay" and worked with her dad on "The Flay List" (via IMDb). The pair engage in playful and teasing banter both on and off-screen, with Sophie revealing that she was able to wow her dad with some oyster-shucking while they filmed their new show.

Sophie is still developing her cooking skills, but she always has her famous chef father to go to for advice. She tells Entertainment Tonight that her favorite dish that her dad cooks for her is a breakfast classic: eggs Benedict. She says she "sometimes" gets her requested breakfast because Bobby doesn't always like to make the dish's complex Hollandaise sauce. Even with her dad's amazing repertoire of recipes, there was one that Sophie truly disliked.

Even world renowned chefs have kitchen failures

When the host of the duo's ET interview asked if there was a dish that Sophie Flay would prefer her dad not make again, both she and her dad were quick to answer. The dish in question? Lobster mac and cheese. Before his daughter could even answer, Bobby Flay held up a napkin and whispered "lobster mac and cheese."

ET's Rachel Smith seemed taken aback when the duo quickly shared the same response. When asked what made her dislike the mac and cheese so much, she responded, "I don't know... He didn't do it right the first time. It's only happened once in my whole life."

On a Season 12 episode of "Throwdown with Bobby Flay," Flay challenged Cal Hancock of Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. to a lobster mac and cheese battle. Flay ultimately lost the battle, but the judges did deem his recipe "delicious." Flay's lobster mac and cheese recipe is published on Food Network's website and has a 4-star rating from 17 reviews. By the looks of it, it's safe to say he has redeemed himself from his initial lobster flop.